How to Eat Healthy When Smoking Weed?

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Indulging in a puff here and there throughout your day? Good, keep at it, just make sure you mind what and how much you eat, otherwise you might end up with a protruding belly that can seriously impact your active lifestyle. And it won’t help lift some of that brain fog either.

Yes, smoking (or eating) marijuana on a regular basis has many a benefit for an aspiring athlete, and even for a sedentary individual looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, but if you don’t get your diet under control, your healthy habit won’t produce the desired results. With that in mind, here is how to eat healthy when smoking weed.

Stifle the munchies

If you’ve been smoking weed for any amount of time, you’ve surely experienced the famous case of the munchies, taking you straight from a relaxed state of bliss into a full-on competitive eating mode. This is arguably one of the biggest problems regular partakers have to face.

Needless to say, it’s imperative that you learn to control your cravings when smoking weed in order to retain your figure, preserve a healthy body fat percentage, and maintain your physical strength and cardiovascular health. Remember, weed is supposed to be a remedy and a way to a healthier lifestyle, but you can never out-smoke a bad diet.

Optimizing your protein intake

When you indulge on a regular basis, your appetite naturally increases, which is great for those looking to bulk up. On the other hand, this is bad news for those looking to slim down, particularly because you will rarely crave healthy proteins, and instead reach more towards a bag of Cheerios. These are unhealthy carbs and unwanted calories you don’t need in your life.

So not only do you need to avoid carbs when smoking weed, but you also need to keep healthy diet choices like protein snacks and bites close at hand, in order to maintain adequate intake to support numerous healthy processes in your body. This is particularly important for all you stoner athletes out there.

Enriching your diet with vitamins and minerals

One of the most important elements in your diet should be increased micronutrient intake, particularly vitamins. From a natural anti-oxidant such as vitamin C, to the stress relieving benefits of vitamin E, you want to find natural vitamins online that will minimize the unwanted side-effects and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

While vitamin supplementation should be your priority, you also want to adhere to a mineral-rich diet, making sure magnesium, omega-3’s, and chlorine make it onto your plate through a variety of healthy foods on a daily basis. Remember that it’s also a good idea to supplement with these minerals as well, as obtaining adequate levels through nutrition alone can be a tedious task.

Keeping brain fog under control

Ah, the dreaded haze. Or is it actually a beloved feature of marijuana? You decide, but what’s certain is that you do need to stay on top of your mental game in order to meet the challenges of the day and lead a truly active lifestyle. To that end, make sure a Citicoline supplement becomes your preferred weapon of choice against brain fog – it also works wonders for your mood and helps preserve your overall health.

Eliminate post-weed paranoia

Nobody likes that dreaded feeling of paranoia creeping up on you and ruining your rejuvenating smoking session, often as a side-effect of powerful sativa strains. No matter if you’re an experienced user or a novice, you can fall prey to this vicious aftereffect nonetheless. Fortunately, you can quickly eliminate the effect by simply chewing on a couple of peppercorns (even sniffing them will help), as cannabis and pepper share similar chemical traits that will work together to reduce the anxiety and produce a feeling of calm. You’re welcome.


Smoking weed is not only a great way to pass the time, but it’s also an excellent way to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. That said, no amount of weed can account for the poor diet choices, so make sure proper nutrition is the foundation upon which your healthy smoking habit will reach its full potential.

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