How To Choose The Most Secure Locks For Our Homes?

June 4, 2017 No Comment

Door locks are the basic security layer in our homes and it could make a huge difference, when it comes to deterring burglars that may enter our house. Many of us trust our security system entirely to our locks; sadly this is a bad practice. Many burglars are quite resourceful, they may break the lock of backdoor using the right kind of tools and skill. Locksmith skill can be obtained freely through the Internet and people with bad intentions could practice their new skills until they are confident about their ability to break into a victim’s house. Locksmith is a good skill, but it can be used for all the wrong purposes by criminals. In YouTube and other video sharing websites, we could already find thousands of videos that provide tutorial on lockpicking skill. They are not only capable of breaking low quality locks, but those with good quality as well. In this situation, it is no longer acceptable to put our trust entirely on locks that may poorly safeguard our house against potential burglars.

It is important for you as homeowners to understand more about the type of locks that are available in the market. We could find combination, tubular, level, cylinder and electronic locks that can be used in our home. Electronic locks could incorporate cylinder lock as backup system during power outage or electronic failure, but it could also mean that it is susceptible to standard lockpicking technique. On the other hand, tubular locks are not typically used for residential purposes. Modern level locks can be quite dependable for our everyday use and they can be recommended by insurance companies. They often include anti lockpick mechanism inside, that could frustrate the attempt of any typical burglar.

Cylinder locks are commonly used in many countries and they are typical targets among burglars. We will put ourselves in a risky situation if we rely too much on lower grade cylinder locks. A typical cylinder lock could be vulnerable to about six or more lockpicking techniques. This technique requires the least skill and we often need to only use the bump key, which is useful for a specific make and model. Many popular makers of good quality cylinder locks are able to provide us with bump proof capabilities, so we should make sure to get it. Again, we should be aware that even if the cylinder lock is protected against the bumping technique, it is vulnerable to other lockpicking methods. For this reason, we should choose cylinder locks with multiple set of pins and a sidebar mechanism. They will make different lockpicking methods harder to apply. It would be a good idea to choose cylinder locks with hardened steel that could significantly slow down the drilling attempt. It is also a good idea to know what kind of lockpicking technique that is prevalent in our area, so we will be able to choose the right kind of locks for our homes. Again, we shouldn’t trust any lockpicking-proof claim and it’s better to be more objective about this matter.

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