How To Prevent Flooding In Your Basement?

June 15, 2017 No Comment

You may have repaired your damp basement a few months ago and soon, the next rainy season and snow melt will hit your area, so you are wondering whether the problem is really solved. In general, the basement can be flooded again simply due to incompetent job or complete misinformation. As home owners, you need to be aware of a number of problems that can cause serious leakage in your basement. If the problem is somewhat serious, it is possible that you will need reliable waterproofing professionals who can keep your basement dry, regardless of how wet the weather outside. Another source of leak is the wall floor joint. In essence, all the floors and walls in your house are connected by a joint. Unfortunately, a joint can become a weak spot in your home. The waterproofing worker may make a trench and fill it with clean stone, then topped off with the drainage system to make sure that water won’t penetrate joints in your basement.

The drain and the wall flange should be able to collect any water that can enter the basement area through the wall or the joints. We should also make sure that the sump pump will receive the water and it should be pumped away from our house through the discharge line, so they won’t come back. Because the basement is located underground, water could also seep from your floor. In this case, we will need extra drainage inside the basement floor and a sump pump system that will handle the excess water. This system should also be able to deal with water that comes from basement hatchway door and other entry ways. Also, we should make sure that the water could go into the grated trench that’s completely flush with the floor and the water could flow into the waterproofing system. For better air circulation, many basements are not completely under the surface and they could have small windows that are just about the ground level.

These windows are another risk of flooding and even a small pool of standing water near one of the windows can cause serious flooding inside the basement. In this case, we should make sure that these windows are completely waterproofed and won’t let the water in, despite the heavy flood outside. They need to have extra durable seals and non-breakable glass. Unfortunately, even the strongest things will weaken and we need to make sure that these windows will be able to withstand another wet season.

Water heater is another risk factor that we need to consider if we want to prevent leakage in the basement. If you notice that there’s reduced pressure in hot water supply, it is possible that the heater has started to leak. We should know that small leaks could easily go unnoticed, potentially causing a lot of damages in your surrounding area. Poorly maintained water tank could burst and the continuous flow of water will flood your basement easily.

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