People Make Mistakes; It's On Us To Forgive and Offer Help

People Make Mistakes; It’s On Us To Forgive and Offer Help

October 24, 2017 No Comment

We all make mistakes. The people around us make mistakes, people who we thought of as infallible and faultless. Just because a good person makes a mistake doesn’t mean that they are bad. It just means that they are human. Usually, they can benefit from the help of others. Forgiveness, support, and acceptance can be very healing and crucial, especially if overcoming addiction is involved. People who are battling to overcome addiction will find that it is a lifelong journey. Recovery Treatment Centers can work hand-in-hand with those struggling with substance abuse issues and those supporting them. It’s like it says on the website of the 449 Recovery Treatment Center, “it’s never too late.”


Empathy is one of the most underrated yet important emotional abilities. Empathy is the ability to understand and react to others’ emotions. Those who empathize show sensitivity and are able understand others’ perspectives without undue judgment. You may wonder what the differences are between empathy, sympathy, and compassion. Compassion and sympathy are about feeling for someone: noticing someone’s woes and realizing that they are distressed. Empathy, on the other hand, is about being able to experience those feelings of distress by using imagination, as if you were that person.

You may never fully understand why someone chose to do what they did, but it can help to put yourselves in their shoes. Don’t blame them or yourself. Don’t find excuses for them either. But take time to practice empathy. Perhaps that will make it easier to see the reality of the situation. You will see the value of forgiveness and help, help that you can offer that person. We are all human and we are nowhere near perfect.


If you are truly able to empathize with someone, you may reach a better understanding of them and their motivations. Everyone carries their own burdens and pain, which influences the decisions they make, especially if dealing with substance addiction. The next step is to forgive them. Ask yourself how much being forgiven would mean to you. Forgiveness is another thing that is essential to our well-beings. Holding on to feelings of anger and blame for too long can become a burden. Forgiving someone for their mistakes is therapeutic for both them and you. Rehabilitation counselors at 449 Recovery Treatment Center can provide support in the journey of healing and forgiveness.

Having empathy, forgiving, and offering help benefit both the giver and recipient. This creates understanding among us that leads to healthier, well-balanced families and communities.

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