Things You Should Know About Bread

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Bread has become one of the primary sources of carbohydrate for millennia. Unfortunately, it continues to receive some bad press and many of us become cautious about how we should consume it. What spread, pour and put on the bread could also bring us a large intake of calories. Cheese, meat, butter and other things can increase the intake of bad fat and extra calories. Of course, we could also eat the bread with some healthy ingredients, such as tomatoes and lettuce. There are also different types of bread that we can choose. We should opt for the wholemeal bread, which offers more healthy dietary fiber than white bread, which is made from refined white flour. Wholemeal bread should fill us up longer and we may integrate it as part of daily meal to replace rice or mashed potato. We may take this one step further by baking our own bread, which is quite easy to do if we have all the required tool. The easiest way is to use a breadmaker, which allows to quickly bake a bread with minimal steps. If you don’t have a breadmaker, oven should be good enough, although the process will be messier and more difficult.

Bread is nutritious and it’s the reason why it can become a perfect habitat for mould to grow. Bread stored in humid and warm condition will become mouldy faster, so it is important to put the bread in a dry and cool place; such as inside the fridge. Mould multiply by spreading millions of tiny spores on the air and a few of them will eventually land on our freshly baked bread. Before long, greenish specks will start to appear and the bread will become inedible. Keeping bread in the fridge may not be a good solution for some people, because it will get too dry. Freezing the bread is a good option and you may defrost well-sliced bread. We may defrost the bread in the microwave and it will stay moist. If we only have dry bread in our fridge, we could warm it up and make them moist again by steaming it. If we want to preserve the bread, it is a good idea to choose the sourdough recipe.

Many of us prefer to buy bread from the bakery for the sake of convenience, but we will miss out the smell and warmth of freshly baked bread. The answer is to bake our own bread at home and the next question is whether we should choose oven or breadmaker. People often say that oven baked loaf has better texture and taste, which the distinctive crust that we can’t get from breadmaker. However, the convenience of a breadmaker is obviously unbeatable. It is much easier to use than normal oven. No need for mixing and kneading, all you need to do is to put all the ingredients. There’s also a baking schedule feature that allows you to get freshly baked bread in the morning. The choice is yours.

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