What If You Need To Replace The Roof During Winter?

May 9, 2017 No Comment

No one would consider replacing their roof during winter, but disaster may happen anytime and roof replacement is essential if we want to survive the harsh cold weather. It is obvious that replacing roof or performing any kind of roofing task would be much more difficult this time of year. We need to work with professionals who are willing to complete the job, despite the unusual working condition. However, there are actually some advantages of replacing your roof during the winter. One thing to consider is that ice dams tend to cause leaks. In many cases, the dreaded ice dam could cause leak to happen in your house. Ice dam can happen when snow melts and the cold water runs down the roof during the day. Unfortunately, because the water is not far from the freezing point, it will refreeze easily again at the roof line. This condition will slowly weaken your roofing structure and your house can be badly damaged as a result. In this case, by replacing the roof during wintertime, you will be able to prevent the recurring condition. Roofing professionals could immediately check the new roof and make adjustments when ice dam starts to build up.

Winter only makes bad roof become worse and the situation can get worse. By replacing the roof during winter, you don’t need to deal with too much damage during spring. Damage can become progressively more severe when shingles contract and expand continuously due to differences in temperature. This cause older shingles to crack and curl. Just with a slight curl, wet and heavy snow may accumulate and added weight will cause some parts of the roof to crack. When the roof is replaced, roofing professionals should be able to determine whether the thawing and refreezing cycle is repeated. Again, they will be able to make the necessary adjustments. It is also a fact that roofing contractors are not busy during cold winter months and they hardly get any order. It means that contractors will be eager to start working and the project may commence only a few days after the contract is signed. During busy summer days, it is not uncommon to wait for a few weeks before the work start. Because the job can actually performed faster, we could be less affected by the cold weather.

In general, we should be able to save money when we take advantage of the slow time. We should be able to save money as much as possible when we are dealing with the costly home improvement projects, including re-roofing. Not only you will be able to get faster work, it is also possible that you will get better prices. Roofing contractors often find that they don’t get a single order for weeks during winter and our willingness to start the project could compel them to provide us with attractive prices. It’s better than getting no income at all. Regardless, we should make sure that we will get warranties for the task.

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