3 Options For A Great Day Trip

3 Options For A Great Day Trip

May 11, 2018 No Comment

When was the last time you got away on a day trip? In the event is has been a while now, don’t you think that should change?

There are many different day trip options out there when you take some time and effort to look around.

With that in mind, where might your next day trip take you?

Having Fun and Making Some Memories

In looking at the different day trip choices you could have in front of you, consider these three:

1. Your Local Zoo

When was the last time you visited your local zoo? If the answer is never, don’t you think you should change that moving forward? Your area zoo can be quite entertaining and educational at the same time. That said get some information on admission prices and what types of animals are on display. If worried that a daily pass may cost too much, there’s a good chance you can find savings if you look hard enough. Some zoos offer discounts for children, military and others. Once you’re sure money is not an issue, when’s the best time to go? Often, you do not want to visit your zoo in the heat of the summer. Not only can it be hot for you, but some animals won’t come out when the temps go up. In fact, if your zoo does not have evening hours, you may not see much of the animals at all in the summer. Also look to see about going on a weekday instead of the weekend when crowds tend to be higher. For your children, be sure to ask them which animals are of most interest. This will make them happy and lower the chances of a long day at the zoo for you as a parent.

2. Going Whale Watching

What about the idea of going whale watching? If you answered yes, check into top rated whale watching tours. Such tours can be great for families and individuals for that matter. Not only do you at times get to be only feet away from some amazing mammals, you learn about them too. Do a little research on whales before you head out into the water. This will allow you to ask pertinent questions of your captain or tour guide. While out on the water, you may also come across some other creatures such as sea lions, dolphins and even a shark or two. No matter what you see, you’re bound to have a fun time out in the open water. Be sure to pack some suntan lotion, hat, jacket, comfortable shoes and your camera. Heck, you very well might want to shoot a selfie or two with a whale as your background.

3. Checking out some History

Last, what about seeing some history around your town or driving an hour or two to see it? No matter where you live, you should be not too far from history. Whether you’re a history junkie or not learning about places can be informative. Use your computer ahead of time to scout out a place or places of interest. If you have children, wait until they are old enough to appreciate viewing such history.

No matter where your day trip plans may take you, be sure to have the time of your life.

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