5 Sensible Ways Busy People Can Keep Their Homes Always Clean

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Do you feel that your house is a mess and it takes forever to clean up? Or are you too tired and exhausted to get out of bed and clean after a 60-hour work week? The reality is, life can be hectic, and it can be a challenging cleaning your home. However, thinking about your cluttered living room, uncleaned toilets, and dog hair all over your carpet makes you more stressed than ever before.

You want a clean house, but cleaning it feels too much work.  But a messy home can add up to your stress levels, especially if you’re tired and overworked. Don’t worry ‒ in this article, we’ll talk about helpful and practical tips on how to keep your house clean in no time.


The Golder Rule: Clean As You Go

This rule is pretty basic. Make it a habit of putting things where they belong to the first time you used them. That will save you more time (and stress!) later on. Don’t let things pile up that it suddenly feels overwhelming to clean everything. When something is off, immediately pick it up.

When you encounter a dirty sink or a messy table top, clean it right then and there ‒ on the spot. Also, immediately empty the dishwasher right after cooking. You can directly put all the cooking and dinner dishes on it before you go to bed. That way, you’ll have a clean and shiny kitchen the next day.

Also, make the cleaning supplies in your bathroom accessible. It will make it easy to grab those cleaners and toilets wands if you want to polish up the bathroom sink, or easily swish out the toilet.


Make It a Habit To Put Things Away

In the best-selling book, Getting Things Done, author David Allen highlights doing tasks that take less than two minutes right away, instead of adding it up on the long list of your to-do list. As mentioned on the previous point, the more things that you do immediately, the fewer things that you’ll have to finish later.

This habit makes you do the task right off the bat, rather than putting it off. This principle is so powerful because it translates not only at home but in your work and personal life as well.


Encourage Family Members To Help Out

If you’re not living alone, then it’s high time to encourage your family or the people you live with to start tidying up. For instance, if your partner or spouse isn’t the kind of person who’s too fond of cleaning or picking up after themselves, then take the time to talk to them about the issue without turning it into some full-blown nagging session.

It’s vital to listen on what they have to say, as you two both work out a solution together. Afterward, you can set up a mini family meeting with the kids. Re-establish those family rules and follow through them.

When you’re dealing with younger children, keep it fun by singing songs and playing upbeat music in your entire cleaning routine. You can even set up challenges and races, rewarding them after to help them finish the job. What’s crucial is to keep the entire family involved as much as you can, and set the example by creating good habits for the rest of the family to follow.


Declutter. Declutter. Declutter.

According to MaidSailors.com (an Eco-Friendly Cleaning NY company), decluttering is more than just saving money and space. It saves you a lot of mental energy. Think about it ‒ you’re using a lot of mental energy to clean old items and clothes, and meticulously organizing them. The best strategy? Remove all the clutter.

Decluttering is also a great way to keep your house in shape. By focusing on the things that matter to you and getting rid of the distractions, you’ll have a house full of the things you like and what matters to you the most at the end of the day.


Consider Hiring a Cleaning Service

Of course, there are unavoidable circumstances that you cannot find the time to clean. Life and work can quickly get hectic, and you come home each time exhausted.  Luckily, you don’t have to do everything by yourself. Looking for professional cleaners in your area will ensure that you’ll get consistent results every single time, no matter how busy you are. You will be coming home to immaculately clean and spotless house after a long day at work.

Investing in a professional cleaning service ensures that cleaning experts are utilizing cleaning products that eliminate any poison and chemical exposure that can be potentially harmful to the health, and eco-friendly to the environment. It also ensures that you and your family will stay in a healthy, and sanitary environment that helps reduce the spread of microbes and other bacteria.


In Summary

Give these tips a try, and you can have a tidier, immaculate home. You’ll also get a large portion of your weekend back to do the things that you love and matter to you the most.

About the Author — Jacky Xu is the Chief Operating Officer for MaidSailors.com, the #1 NYC Cleaning Services. Maid Sailors take pride in providing unparalleled cleaning services at affordable prices. Maid Sailors help transform your house into a home.

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