Actors Who Look Dazzling With or Without a Beard

Actors Who Look Dazzling With or Without a Beard

November 23, 2018 No Comment

The general public’s obsession with a beard has reached an exuberant height. More young men are eager to grow a beard and follow the style of certain people around them including celebrities. The likes of Conor McGregor, Tom Hardy, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Chris Hemsworth are leading a class apart with their beard game.

Beard fashion has settled an ideal among people that having a healthy, bushy and well-maintained beard is the pinnacle of masculinity. For many reasons, it redefines a man’s look and is a key feature for an all-around robust and aggressive look. However, not every man can grow a great beard, and not every man can pull it off in style. People are jumping on board the beard fashion bandwagon and striving to obtain that alpha male look.

On the contrary, some people look very different when they shave off their beard, and a clean shave just does not suit them. This is a case with 90% of men out there; once they shave, their style takes a nose dive and people close to them frown over the horror! There aren’t a lot of men that can rock a beard and still look good when they shave it away. These extraordinary gentlemen have caught our attention, and we must turn towards Hollywood ‘s finest men to scope out perfect examples of them!


    • Jeff Gum – He has been featured on the cover of Men’s Health 14 times along with many other publications and for good reason. The actor who had major roles in The Vault (2017), Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2018), and The Forgiven (2018) which is rumored to get the nod for an Oscar nomination. He is one of the few actors who look dazzling with and without a beard, and surprisingly, he never keeps a bushy beard. Jeff Gum is one of Hollywood’s sexiest actors and he has proven his tenacity on screen playing many remarkable characters.


    • George Clooney – The veteran actor is a real charmer when it comes to big screen and amassed serious terms of success with his roles, except for Batman. George Clooney is often highly regarded for his style and personality which he has maintained over the arch of his age progress. George is recognized for a clean look but when he’s in the mood for a clean beard, he surely does not hesitate neither fails to maintain his contemporary good look.


    • Bradley Cooper – If you have followed Bradley’s character in Limitless (2011), you may understand how well he can look without a beard. If you watch A Star Is Born (2018), you can see how well he looks with a beard.  Bradley is perhaps the only actor who can pull off different styles without having to worry about his appearance because no matter what this guy comes up with, he sure looks amazing!


    • Tom Hiddleston – The British actor is an actor of his own league. The world is crazy about his charming smile and voice, and he is really soothing to hear when he talks over the microphone. His role in The Hollow Crown revealed a different look for him in a beard, and he was well applauded for it.


These examples surely would tempt a lot of men to try different styles, especially working to getting their beard game strong.

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