Foods for Cognitive Nourishment

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It isn’t an exaggerated statement to state that the academic sphere embitters an individual, it pushes them into a claustrophobic environment and starts breeding and fostering a sense of growing disillusionment around them. Owing to this, one of the first components of the human body to take a back seat is the brain, as it slowly and steadily starts diminishing and its residual bits and pieces start eroding, owing to the debilitating impacts inflicted upon it and owing to the malnourishment it faces. Therefore, it is of paramount importance for individuals to not ignore or completely refute the significance that their brain holds, as optimal cerebral functioning can bring in several benefits and advantageous contributions to an individual’s life. Having said that, while it is imperative for any given person to work towards nourishing and replenishing their cognitive health, it is also necessary for students to comprehend that they must alleviate the sense of strain and pressure that is constantly confining and clutching them within constricted parameters.


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Be that as it may, students should also focus their lens on ameliorating their health and eating choices, as these choices are what primarily help the student to better their lifestyle, their cognitive functioning, and their overall wellbeing.


  • Green Leafy Vegetables: These vegetables are brimming with a mixed and rich variety of minerals, vitamins, and These vegetables aren’t just low in calories, but they also thoroughly support ideal cognitive functioning, they reduce symptoms of mental decline, and their nutrient profile cannot match to any other source of food. Moreover, these vegetables work towards building and strengthening the immune system of the human body, thus eliminating your chances of contracting your regular cold or flu. The whole range of these vegetables are nutrient dense, and hence students should make it a point to incorporate broccoli, kale, spinach, cabbage, etc. into their diet. As these sources of consumption improve one’s digestive system, help fight radicals and also play a huge role in boosting energy levels.


  • Fish: This is an excellent source of Vitamin D & Omega 3 fatty acids, and it works efficiently towards cultivating an improved trajectory of one’s eating habits. It aids in reducing symptoms of mental decline, it elevates your energy levels, it regulates sleep quality, it is excellent for the skin, and it brings a different tangent and flair to an individual’s taste buds. In order to integrate it into your food staples, students can make tuna sandwiches for themselves, they can have grilled fish weekly, or they could go for their favorite fish and chips. Furthermore, if you aren’t able to add fish to your daily meal plan, then you should try and at least pop some supplementary pills. 



  • Eggs: They are widely known as ‘brain food’. Eggs are a great source of protein, their ‘yolk’ in particular consists of choline, an element which helps in memory development and retention. They are also the most nutritionally- rich food, as they consist of a diverse range of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and amino acids that sustain the wellbeing of the human body, both mentally and So, try incorporating them into your life, try having a boiled egg every morning, simply stick your fork into the buttery and fluffy scrambled eggs or try having a sunny-side-up every other day of the week.


  • Apples: When hunger pangs hit, there is nothing better than munching on some apples. They are known to improve neurological health, they are a nutrition powerhouse, and they taste delicious. To add them into your daily meal plan, try snacking them while studying, try layering them over your parfait, try juicing them or mix them in your Caesar salad. 

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