How To Prevent A Hangover

How To Prevent A Hangover  

July 6, 2018 No Comment

We all know the benefits of having a few drinks. The world seems more beautiful, you suddenly get more confidence and know better how to talk to people, normally you would have been a bit shy around. But we also know the punishment, called hangover, which is a set of painful symptoms the very next day…

If you have ever suffered through a hangover, it is probably a safe bet that you do not want to go through one again. If you had a really bad one, you may have found yourself lying in bed, not wanting to move or think, and the thought of eating or drinking just makes you sick.

You were probably in enough pain to question why you ever wanted to go drinking in the first place and if it would not be better to go jump into traffic now and end your misery.

However, if you are like most drinkers, it will not take long until that vow is broken. And if you do decide to pick the bottle back up, remember that when it comes to hangovers, a little prevention is worth all the cures in the world.

It is pretty basic common sense to know that if you do not drink, you will not get a hangover – though many a drinker will fail to see why you would want to stop drinking. So if your evening out involves a stop at the local bar or nightclub, you may want to take some preventative measures to make sure that you can get out of bed in the morning.

All drinkers should live by the creed of never drinking on an empty stomach. Making sure you have plenty of fluids and a good meal in you before you start in on the alcohol can make a dramatic difference in how you feel in the morning. It will slow down your alcohol absorption, and help with the dehydration that will ultimately occur.

Once you break out the alcohol, be smart as to your drink of choice. Mixed drinks with high sugar content or alcohols like wine with lots of sulfites are more likely to make you feel ill in the morning. Also, do not mix drinks – once you have picked your poison, stick with it. Your body will be able to process the alcohol better, and you will have a better idea of how much you have had to drink. Ordering water with all of your alcoholic drinks can help you slow down your drinking and avoid dehydration.

When you are home for the evening, you should have a couple of glasses of water before heading off to bed. Avoid the use of any painkillers, since they can be hard on your system when mixed with the alcohol. A multivitamin may prove helpful if you take one now and then again in the morning.

If you followed these guidelines, you ought to wake in the morning feeling halfway decent. If not, avoid the coffee and the Tylenol – instead, it is better for your system to have more water and an aspirin. Try to take it easy until you are feeling better, and once you are feeling better try to eat something that is healthy and full of vitamins. Fruit, juices, and soup are all easy on the stomach, full of vitamins, and can help hydrate you.

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