Personalized Gifts For That Someone Special

Personalized Gifts For That Someone Special

August 14, 2018 No Comment

There’s nothing like that feeling that comes with knowing a gift-giving occasion is fast approaching for you and your partner. Yes, it will soon be time for you to share the power and meaning of your feelings with the perfect gift, which is why you might feel, with each passing day, a cold grip of panic and fear.

Yes, gift-giving isn’t easy. Some people even claim that it’s impossible. There’s a lot of pressure involved when you’re trying to convey to a loved one that they mean the absolute world to you. There aren’t a lot of great Hallmark cards for that (though they sure do try), and a gift card just won’t cut it. So what can you do to properly express your love in a gift? For starters, personalization is a surefire way to give a gift that communicates your feelings both clearly and beautifully. Here are a few options you should consider.

Getting Handy

Are you a crafty person? If so, consider making your next gift for your significant other by hand. Think of ways to reuse and repurpose vintage items, customize traditional décor, or make a custom solution to a problem that your significant other has. By putting your own labor into your gift, you’ll add more meaning and value to it.

A framed photograph of you and your significant other isn’t much of a gift. But if you repurpose an old window frame to make a cute vintage photo frame, and select multiple photographs that you know will have meaning to your partner, now we’re talking. Or maybe, you can even paint a frame yourself. Just make sure that you’re putting real time into the project, so that your partner knows you’re being generous, not cheap, by going the DIY route.

Custom Books

Custom gifts are everywhere: you can get everything from picnic basket sets to t-shirts customized for you and your partner. But the perfect custom gift should combine class with a purpose, and a fine book will do just that. A custom book full of thoughts and memories shared by you and your partner is elegant and suits the nature of personalized gifts perfectly.

We’re not talking about photo books, and we’re certainly not talking about those custom kiddie books: we’re talking about personalized books for adults, full of personal thoughts and memories. Your partner will be able to leaf through and reminisce about times like the moment you two first met.

Picture Perfect

It’s a classic for a reason: another great custom gift idea is an item customized with photos of you and your partner.

The key to avoiding excessively cheesy options in this category is to remember what your partner does and needs. If they already have a calendar, or if they use an online calendar for all of their appointments, then maybe a custom photo calendar is a bad move. But what about the many, many other things that you can emblazon with meaningful photographs? From the obvious (framed prints and classy canvas prints) to the unique (puzzles, and playing cards), you’re sure to think of something that your partner will love.

And since your gift will be customized with your partner in mind, you’ll have a gift that really matches the emotional importance of your next big occasion. So what are you waiting for? Go get that perfect gift!

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