Sexual Interlocks For Men And Women

Sexual Interlocks For Men And Women

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An important aspect of the couple’s life is the sexual life of the two. If it is seasoned with more experiences, with moments full of enthusiasm or mechanically executed, it is a matter of both individuals, of their past. Cirilla’s online adult store can spice up the sex life.

In other words, everybody comes into the couple with their own wishes and fantasies, and they are related to their character, temperament, positive or negative experiences of each of us, but also to what we have heard or seen in others. Although we do not realize, the sexual life is based on partner’s suffering, which turns into desires to restore the internal balance. In other words, sexuality is one of the mechanisms we are guided by, and this can be a factor of equilibrium or imbalance. That’s why a person who feels fulfilled and sexually satisfied has an increased self-esteem and a great confidence in his own power. Find out more by clicking here.

In general, in the sexual life, the specialist believes that men are afraid of many things and ask a lot of questions. We can start with the size of the penis, which is one of the problems that cannot be overlooked. Is he sufficiently equipped? Is it moving well enough and well? Is your partner satisfied? Who does she compare me to? Is he superior or inferior to others? Can I free my imagination? How does she like it, faster, harder, likes to try more or less positions? When is the time to change the position? Also, what would your partner have about sex in three?

Questions may continue and may vary from one person to another because they relate to experience, how he was brought up, the feedback received so far from your current or former partners, and what he has heard or seen in his friends or in movies.

But women?

Unlike men, who have rather physical affairs or attempts to establish certain levels of comparison, women are dominated by feelings. The first element of trauma can occur with the beginning of the sexual life, with the chosen partner, because of the choice (because she loves him or because she considered him the right man) or the communication she has with the man.

She begins to wonder whether she is more beautiful or ugly if it is better or worse than the others. If she is compared to another woman, does that benefit her or not?  When is the ideal time to start my sexual life? When is it time to succumb to the man’s advances, how can she not be perceived as a light woman, if this happens quickly? If she succumbs too late, she still risks losing him.

Once a stable relationship is established, can she really express what she feels or wants? If she wants to experience and confesses what she wants and remains unsatisfied? These are just a few of the thoughts that women are struggling with.

Preconceived Ideas for Men and Women

Men and women struggle at every step with taboos. Women are afraid of losing their partner because they do not satisfy him or because she has made him wait too long. Many young people think they have lost their man because they have not done anything in bed, or because they have not forbidden their fun with certain friends, which have led him to perdition.

In general, the woman thinks she can hold control, because if caught in time, she can change the data of the problem, avoiding the relationship of a possible temptation that can break the couple With regard to the sexual relations, the woman believes that it is not good to say everything she wants, not to be perceived as a light woman. There is also the preconception, sometimes true, about the woman’s sexual past. She thinks her past acts can make her partner leave her. Men are afraid of being disrespected as males.

Gender Related Dependencies

These are related to sexual intercourse or fantasies. Thus, we can talk about sexual dependence, which is, in fact, the biggest frustration in the couple. There is no couple, more than five years old, who does not complain about this. One partner is frustrated that he is not getting enough.

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