Top 5 Items You Must Have in Your Kitchen

Top 5 Items You Must Have in Your Kitchen

August 20, 2018 No Comment

If you’ve ever tried to purchase new items for your kitchen or just enhance the quality of your kitchen by adding in some fancy and expensive tools. You must have realized how difficult it is to stock your kitchen and maintain the freshness and good quality of the cookware.

But if you’re reading this article, you’ll realize why now is the perfect time to invest in some useful cookware for your kitchen.

Take a look in your kitchen. If you’re still using a broken cutting board and dull knives that were passed on by your mother then you desperately need to invest in new utensils.

For this blog, two cooking experts Lance Nitahara and Sabrina Sexton were more than happy to share their most desired kitchen utensils that is a must-have for all.

Cutting board

One of the most basic items you need in your kitchen is a cutting board. Since you’ll be using it every time you cook, it’s important to invest in a durable and good quality cutting board.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet a long lasting cutting board, then the OXO strips cutting board is a perfect choice. This board is made from odor-repulsive polypropylene and remains safe in the dishwasher too.

Although a glass or wooden cutting board will look pretty, if you don’t want your knives to get dull, always opt for a plastic cutting board.

Knife Sharpener

One way to increase the lifespan of your knives is by keeping them sharp. Exactly how much you should sharpen them, depends on the type of food you cook and the frequency of your usage. Nitahara suggests, sharpening your knives whenever they become dull. If you use a chef’s knife then sharp them at least once a week, of course also depending on what you cut.

Most experienced chefs are familiar with the stone sharpener but our experts suggest that a chantry knife sharpener is a must on your kitchen counter if you’re a beginner. You simply slide the knife in, wait for a few seconds and you have a sharp knife.

Cast Iron Skillets

Even if you have multiple non-sticking pans, purchase a cast iron pan for your kitchen immediately. Cast iron is an easy and inexpensive technique to get a pan that conducts heat perfectly. This pan is perfect if you want to cook a steak or get a nice sticky texture on your chicken.

If you want to caramelize or prepare a sauce that sets in well with the meat, the cast iron pan will do the work in no time.

Although they are a good investment, taking good care of cast iron pans is also very important. They can last a lifetime if you don’t let food stick to the surface and lubricate it well after every use.

Digital Thermometer

For amateurs, Sexton and Nitahara suggest using a digital thermometer. If you want to roast a chicken or prepare a steak to a certain temperature a digital thermometer will come very handy if you’re uncertain your meal is either overcooked or undercooked.

There are multiple thermometers in the market, but Sexton suggests buying the one that comes with a cable. This way you can insert the thin cable into your roast and put it in the oven without worrying about it burning. When your meal is perfectly cooked the alarm goes off when it has reached its target temperature.

 Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers are one of the most favorite utensils of every chef. They make life so much easier. If you know how to use a pressure cooker well, it can be a life savior. However, it can also be your worst enemy if you don’t know how to use it.

The Mealthy Multipot programmable pressure cooker can be slightly tricky in the beginning but once you get comfortable with it, they are extremely useful, says Nitahara.

One of the users was surprised at how fast she was able to cook wild rice in just 20 minutes whereas generally, the rice takes one hour cooking time.

In addition to the above-mentioned items, there are some necessities that have special importance in your kitchen.  For example, metal tongs, potholders, baking sheets, mixing bowls, can openers, measuring cups, and stainless steel dishes.

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