Top 5 Pests To Look Out For and How To Get Rid Of Them

Top 5 Pests To Look Out For and How To Get Rid Of Them

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Any house, regardless of what city you live in or how nice the neighborhood is, can develop a pest problem. Certain insects run rampant all over the country, and as soon as you notice a problem, you need to contact a professional exterminator. In many cases, a professional is the only one with the tools necessary to ensure your bug problem becomes a thing of the past.

  1. Termites

More than 2,000 termite species exist around the planet. Fortunately, only about 50 of those species reside in the United States. Subterranean, dampwood, and drywood termites are the most likely to damage your home, so you need to undergo a professional fumigation to get rid of them. Localized treatments are available, but you need to make sure this will eliminate the population in your building.

  1. Mosquitoes

Dangerous species of mosquitoes run rampant around the country. The Miami-Fort Lauderdale area is particularly prone to these disease-carrying pests. After you have a professional remove any standing water around your property, you will want to install durable screen doors to ensure they do not get inside your home ever again. Comprehensive pest control mosquitoes is your best option to ensure they stay away.

  1. Cockroaches

While 69 species of cockroaches exist in the United States, there are over 4,500 species found worldwide. Only about 30 of those are considered pests. Some professionals will use bait traps to eliminate a nest of roaches on a property. However, a fogging machine may need to be brought in if the population expanded.

  1. Bed Bugs

You can pick up bed bugs in more places than simply hotels. Since these pests can attach to people’s clothing, you can pick them up from a movie theater, bus or restaurant. Since they are incredibly tiny, you will definitely need an expert’s help. Spot treatment is typically performed.

  1. Ants

Ants are arguably the most common pest around because they can make a home out of anything. A professional exterminator will need to identify the specific species of ant that has infested your abode. Knowing the exact species lets you know what the best bait trap will be. You can also request a spray treatment from a pest control company. Schedule these sprays at least twice a year to keep the insects at bay.

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