Family Trip to Florida: 5 Perfect Destinations to Visit by Car

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Florida is an amazing combination of sunshine, wildlife, snow-white beaches and exciting entertainments. The climate of Florida is its most valuable natural resource – it attracts the fans of beaches and palm trees all year round. Last year, the state was visited by 97 million tourists, which is Florida’s fourth record in recent years.

Many holidaymakers are used to head to Miami, but few know that there’re so many other interesting family destinations in Florida.

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Everglades Boat Tours

The Everglades National Reserve is the world’s largest freshwater jungle swamp, filled with rare tropical plants and mangroves. Here’re popular tours on aeroboats with a flat bottom are provided.

Everglades Airboats, Alligators (Photos by Pete Cross)

(photo by VISIT FLORIDA)

These swamps are home to 950 species of plants, of which 65 are local endemics of southern Florida. Scientists have discovered there 25 species of orchids, 120 tree species and three different types of mangrove trees. 36 species of animals from the swamp fauna are included in the Red Book. This trip is an ideal acquaintance with the wildlife of South Florida, complemented by beautiful and unusual impressions.

Time: 8-hour tours and 4-hour tours, departures at 8am and 12pm

Cost: All day – $134/$79, half day – $96/$59, adults/kids 3-12


Sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico


(photo by Larry Bozka)

Naples is a real paradise for the fans of sea fishing, because the shallow and warm Gulf of Mexico just teems with marine inhabitants. Below you’ll find average fishing fees on a small vessel for a company of up to 4 people.

Time: 4 to 8 hours

Cost: 4 hours – $400, 6 hours – $600, 8 hours – $700 for a group of up to 3 people. For pre-order, a deposit of $100 is required. The price includes: boat delivery, rental of fishing rods and bait, fishing permission, photographing, as well as cutting and packing of catch.


Jeep Safari in the wilderness areas of Florida

Experienced travelers know how popular jeep safari is in Europe and other resort areas. In Florida, with its plains and developed road infrastructure, there are not so many entertainments. However, not far from Naples, you’ll find the closest analogue of jeeping. However, you will have to travel with the driver, but your hands will be free for the camera.

Animal Kingdom--Kilimanjaro Safari

(photo by Raven1025)

Fortunately, there’re enough objects for photo-hunting. Classic 90-minute tour, sunrise and sunset tours, bird watching, and 2.5-hour photo safari are at your disposal. Tours pass through the wild nature reserve in orange Wrangler jeeps with a driver guide.

Time: 90 minutes, photo safari – 2.5 hours

Cost: $35 – adults, $25 – children under 12, from 2 to 6 people in one car; photo safari – $60 per person, from 2 to 4 people in the car.


Hot Springs in North Port

Those who want to gain vitality from nature and improve their health should head to Warm Mineral Springs in North Port. Externally it looks like a small shallow lake. In the center a deep cave with stalactites is hidden under the water. It goes deep into the earth.

Disney Springs

Water comes from there under high pressure, with a temperature of more than 36°C, along the way it’s diluted with spring water from less deep layers, cooling to 29 °C. Thirty thousand years the water was in a kind of trap at depths of more than 2 kilometers, saturated with minerals. Now it pours out from the depths of the earth at a speed of 30 thousand cubic meters per day, eventually falling into the Gulf of Mexico. Mineral salts, dissolved in water, have a beneficial effect on the body recovery, heart and kidneys, improve blood circulation, and help with arthritis.

Time: the entrance ticket is valid until 5pm

Cost: $20 for the whole day


Ringling Museum Complex in Sarasota

The city of Sarasota is known for its millionaire John Ringling – a circus American magnate of the early 20th century. He spent about 200 million dollars on the development of the region by building the whole museum complex.


(photo by Arne Olejnik)

It includes the Museum of Fine Arts, the circus museum, as well as Ringling’s winter residence. The circus museum is simply enormous – even the ‘Wisconsin’ railway carriage was placed inside, in which the millionaire personally accompanied the circus. Thanks to love for Italy, Ringling’s own Lido Island appeared next to Sarasota. Here’re beautiful beaches with the purest white sand, as well as excellent observation spots for those who like admiring sunsets.

It will be interesting for children and adults, as it’s a museum of the history of the American circus. In addition, the Museum of Modern Art and a luxurious villa on the bay will provide amazing impressions.

Time: from 10am till 5pm

Cost: $25 adults, $5 children 6-17 years old



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