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If you wait for the morning to come to enjoy your cup of coffee, then you are one of us – the coffee lovers that worship this divine drink and enjoy every moment of sipping it. But in order to achieve perfection when making this precious cup of coffee, you need high-quality ingredients. Most of the people are happy with the ground coffee they pull of the shelf at their local store. But there are those other individuals that seek something different and want to experience the full spectrum of emotions coffee is able to evoke in them.

If you consider yourself as a part of this second group of coffee drinkers, then you know good coffee is an investment. You need a grinder and whole bean coffee. Also, there are plenty of brewing methods, so you have to choose the one that you like most.

You can’t get this distinctive coffee aroma from ground coffee. It is only available if you grind yourself whole bean coffee.  More about the difference between whole bean coffee and ground coffee, you can read here.

Buying a whole bean coffee has many benefits including:

  • You have more control over the process of creating the ideal cup of coffee. You can try different sorts of coffee and different methods of brewing, that will give you different results in terms of taste, aroma, and strength. And because the coffee you are using is not pre-ground, it hasn’t be exposed to moisture, oxygen, and manipulation of people, all of which leads to a decrease in aroma, taste and potency.
  • The whole bean coffee conserves its aroma and freshness and you will experience this as soon as you take a sip of the cup you’ve just made. With the whole beans, you will be able to grind them right before you brew your coffee. This means you will taste all the flavors the beans contain. It may taste like nuts, chocolate, fruits, spice, etc.
  • It is really fun to brew. The whole process from grinding, to brewing, to actually enjoying a cup of tasty coffee has to bring joy and fun. The true coffee lover doesn’t just make a cup of coffee, he makes art. Drinking coffee is more than just getting your morning dose of caffeine. By taking all these steps before actually drinking it, you will create your special morning ritual.

Whole bean coffee’s benefits are undeniable. Now let me share and some suggestions on buying and storing the coffee:

  • find out what flavors you prefer;
  • do research on the roasters in your town;
  • buy as much coffee you need for the week, not more; this will guarantee that the beans will stay fresh;
  • check the roast date;
  • keep the beans in a bag, or store them in an airtight container.
  • don’t put the coffee beans in the fridge.

If you believe that your coffee should be more than a beverage that provides a dose of caffeine, you definitely need to consider investing in a grinder and whole bean coffee. There is nothing else that is even remotely close to the experience a tasty and aromatic cup of coffee can provide. So don’t waste time, find a good grinder, buy whole bean coffee, and brew your first ever cup of tasty coffee.

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