The Fremont Street Experience: What to See, Do, and Eat

The Fremont Street Experience: What to See, Do, and Eat

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If you haven’t been to Fremont Street in Las Vegas, then you haven’t really had the full Sin City experience. When the city was being developed back in 1905, Fremont Street was the first paved street. Serving as the location for iconic film scenes from Elvis Presley’s Viva Las Vegas and the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever, magic runs through the air in Fremont Street. Here’s a rundown of the top things you should see, eat, and experience during your next visit.

Play Poker in the Golden Nugget

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The Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino is named after the 60-pound Hand of Faith golden nugget discovered in the 1980s. The casino is famous for having one of the best poker rooms in Las Vegas. Every summer, the Golden Nugget hosts The Grand Poker Series, for recreational players and amateurs who want to get a feel of exciting poker competitions. Perfect for those who want to dip their toes into Vegas’ famous poker scene

Visit the Neon Museum

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The Neon Museum hosts exhibits in three main areas: restored and installed neon signs between Fremont Street and Washington Avenue, the Neon Boneyard, and the museum’s North Gallery. The pieces are not only artistically, but also historically significant to the Las Vegas culture. Have your photos taken by iconic signs like the Silver Slipper, the Neon Boneyard Park marquee, and letters from the Moulin Rouge.

See the lights at Viva Vision


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Displaying amazing visuals and music, Viva Vision is a multisensory attraction that covers the top of the pedestrian walkway in Fremont Street. It features a 1,476-ft-long gallery covered by a screen comprised of over 12 million LED bulbs. The free light shows are a must-see — although it’d be almost impossible to miss it, as it occurs hourly every night. There are also three entertainment stages accompanying the gallery where you can enjoy live performances free of charge.

Ride the SlotZilla Zip Line

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Wondering how to get the best view of the Viva Vision lights show? Look no further than the SlotZilla Zip Line. It launches you off from the world’s largest slot machine right under the lights of Fremont Street! Daredevils will really get a kick out of the SlotZilla as it offers two different positions to fly in: the first position suspending you vertically at a height of 79ft for a distance of 820ft like a usual zipline, and the second horizontally at a height of 115ft for a distance of 1,640 ft.

Dine at the Heart Attack Grill

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The Heart Attack Grill in Downtown Las Vegas is famous for its tagline “…taste worth dying for”. The restaurant’s claims to fame: burgers so unhealthily good, nurse uniform-clad waitresses, and their many gimmicks. If a customer can successfully finish their biggest meal, the Quadruple Bypass Burger, they are wheeled out of the restaurant in a wheelchair by a ‘personal nurse’. Dining at the Heart Attack Grill is sure to be an experience for the books.

Don’t miss out on these top Fremont Street spots, and you’re definitely going to have a great time. Check out our other blog posts for more iconic Las Vegas attractions to visit.

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