Planning Girl’s Hangout in Vegas? Here are TOP GIRLY PLACES to Visit!

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Your day off is coming. Are you planning a party for weekend or just want to hang out with girls? Of course, the best place to have fun in a big company is Vegas trip! Haven’t you planned that? This is the brightest platform for girl’s parties. Traveling in a big comp any you can rent van in Las Vegas and even a driver if you plan to drink a lot! Two-three days are enough to get as much joy from your vacation as you can take! Don’t worry about packing, renting hotels, booking restaurants. Your smartphone keeps everything under control! Here we go! What are they, the best girly places?

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There are many places where you can arrange a party. Think about the best girly places. If you make a mistake and book a room to stay in a family hotel, you can spoil your vacation with lots of activities and options you don’t even need to. So, here is a list of hotels you should pay attention to.

Flamingo Hotel

Why Flamingo Hotel is good for girls? There are several reasons for that. First of all the hotel is situated in the center of the legendary Stripe. You cannot find a better place to stay in the center of the crowd. If you want to hunt for your luck in local casino, you should stay in Flamingo. Also, it is not an expensive place to stay so that you can save some money for attractions.

Caesars Palace

If you have more money to spend, you can stay at the Caesars Palace. This legendary place has much to offer. It is especially good for girls who a looking for parties and night adventures. Here, in the Palace, you can visit Omnia night club, Chow Champagne Lounge, and more than a dozen of lounges like that. This is a real mecca for adventurers. Also, this must be a perfect place for shopping. All popular brand shops and shopping malls are situated next to the hotel.

Mandalay Bay

This is a special place that gives you everything you want to try in Vegas. You meet crowds of people and big companies who are looking for adventures here. Be careful. It is better to visit The Light club, SkyFall, House of Blue, and Soundbar. There are many interesting lounge bars around that are good for drinking. Anyway, it is not a problem to find a good hotel proposal.

Country Singers



Not everything you can see in Vegas is worth your attention. Let’s find out which of them are perfect for girls. Of course, it depends on your age and preferences.

Elton John Show

You can watch this show even if you are not a true fan of Elton. You will be surprised how interesting person he is. Of course, you can read a lot of information about him in the internet. Don’t listen to anyone. Just come and hear. Elton John’s songs are real hits you will sing till the morning.

Zumanity Show

This is a right show for crazy girls. You can find it in New York Hotel. This is a unique performance that makes you laugh and get red. It is performed by Cirque du Soleil so that you will be impressed a lot.

Absent Show

You can see Absent Show in Caesars Palace. Get ready to shake sides with laughing.

Cocktails :)



Honestly, every night club you visit has a good bar. You can spend a good time with friends whenever you want. You will be offered interesting cocktails, snacks, new meetings. Here are the most friendly lounges for your girl company.

HYDE Bellagio

You can easily find a place here or even order VIP places beforehand. Why VIP? You will get comfortable seats, interesting people around, free drinks, and a nice opportunity to dance and have fun. Just relax and never stop smiling. Girly companies are welcomed here.

Eyecandy Sound Bar

All girls like flirting. Of course, that is not why you come to Vegas for but you can get the best attractions here. You can find this lounge in Mandalay Bay. Just book a table and enjoy your evening with free drinks, new people, and techno music. That music makes you move!

Barbaro Bar, Bar notable de Buenos Aires, Espacio Cultural -10



TAO Club

TAO is the right place to have a drink in Vegas. Probably, you have to wait to come. But beautiful girls never wait for long. This bright place attracts many people every evening.

Hakkasan Nightclub

You can find a lot of interesting places to spend your evening. Go to Hakkasan! You can find a night club, restaurant, cozy lounge here. Stay together! The territory is so huge that it can be difficult for you to find each other after the party!

See, it is not difficult to have an adventurous girly party in Vegas! There are many things you have to plan beforehand. Also, there are many things you do spontaneous and with pleasure. Come and check! Let your girls to spend the brightest weekend ever!

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