Travels With (and Without) Your Dog

Travels With (and Without) Your Dog

May 20, 2021 No Comment

As the Covid-19 vaccination programme continues, people are beginning to plan their holidays with more confidence and this includes taking into account any pets you may have acquired over the lockdowns, as so many have. Today we’re taking a look at some of the issues you might face if you’re going on your travels and have a dog to factor in.

Where are you going?

Your decisions about your dog have to depend on where you’re planning to go. Staying in self contained accommodation in the countryside or by the beach could be the perfect break for your dog too, but city breaks or hotel stays might bring more challenges than you’d want from a holiday.

You can also travel abroad with your dog, as long as fulfil all the right requirements for both leaving and re-entering the country (intended to avoid the spread of dangerous diseases or the illegal transport and selling of pets), but depending on the length of your holiday and the budget you have available complying with all those conditions might not be practical.

Take a look at where you want to go, check for dog friendly accommodation, hospitality and activities in the area, and look at the requirements for travel in the area. This isn’t limited to travel abroad – look at where you’re going: if you’re surrounded by farmland with grazing livestock, for example, you might never be able to let your dog off the lead!

Travelling With Your Dog

Think about how you’re going to travel: if you’re driving with your dog then depending on the length of trip you might need to build in more than the usual number of rest stops. If you’re taking a long train journey, make sure your dog is familiar with and trained for trains, and can reliably stay still and quiet for the duration.

Packing for the Trip

When you have your dog with you, it’s even more important to pack carefully for the trip. Your dog will need bedding and toys, but don’t forget essentials like food. A sudden change in food can cause an upset stomach from dogs and you don’t want to spend your holiday dealing with dog vomiting, diarrhea and misery because you couldn’t get the good he was used to!

Leaving Your Dog Behind

It’s quite possible for you to enjoy a trip without your dog, but it will take planning in advance. The ideal is to disrupt his routine as little as possible, so care at home from a friend or family member he knows and trusts is best, followed by a professional sitter, with putting him in kennels lower down your list of solutions.

Finding a reputable sitter that works for you takes time, and getting them in for some early sessions will help you see if they get on well with your dog – and if your dog trusts them!

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