The World’s Biggest Street Festivals

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Parades take on the streets in many countries around the world marking significant festivals held for celebrating different traditional events.

If you are lucky enough, you would witness one of these festivals, check the queer dances and customs adopted by the celebrators, the live shows, the traditional food offered during these festivals, and feel the whole general atmosphere.

In this article, we will lay down some of the most significant street festivals which take place every year all around the world from China to Brazil. Stay tuned to find out which one is most interesting to pick for your next vacation.

Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro

One of the biggest street carnivals taking place in South America. Covered by many TV and press agencies and broadcasted to many areas around the world, the Carnaval do Rio became popular for its magnificent costumes worn by men and women depicting the Brazilian authentic culture. The festival takes place before Lent, which is a six-week period when Christian believers pray and practice various rituals in preparation of Easter. Around two million people participate in the festival enjoying the paraders’ music, floats, and adornments.

Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Swathes of colors flood the streets of Tenerife in what’s considered the world’s second largest street festival after Rio de Janeiro’s. Tenerife is the largest and most populated island of the Canary’s seven islands and it witnesses every year the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife which lasts for a whole month. The carnival exudes magnificent costumes, shows, dances, and every year a special gala is held to choose the carnival’s queen. Set your time calendar and don’t forget to book a vacation now to check on Spain’s most outstanding live event.

Carnival of Venice

The Italian annual carnival is held in Venice to commemorate the victory of the Venice Republic against the Patriarch of Aquileia, Ulrico de Treven in 1162.

The festival is famous for exuding unique mask designs wore by its celebrators. Under the rule of the Holy Roman Empire, the festival was outlawed in 1792. For about two centuries, the festival stayed forbidden until it was reinitiated in 1979. Around two million people participate in the Venetian festival every year.

Ethiopian Epiphany

Africa’s one of the largest street festivals marking a religious occasion, the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Epiphany. Every year parades of devotees flood the streets of Addis Ababa, Gonder, and most Ethiopian major cities accompanied by travelers from all countries around the world to celebrate the occasion. The festivities last for three days, it includes singing, dancing, feasting, and marching behind the major priests of the Ethiopian churches.

La Tomatina

Tons of tomatoes are wasted every year in the tomato fights of Tomatina which takes place on the streets of Bunol city, 38 kms from Valencia.

Surprisingly enough, La Tomatina doesn’t mark any significant historical occasion, it’s held only for sheer fun. The festival was first held in 1945 and it was recognized in 2002 as a “Festivity of International Tourist Interest” by the Secretary of Department of Tourism in Spain. It takes place on the last Wednesday of August every year and stays for only one whole day.

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