4 Easy Tricks To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

4 Easy Tricks To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

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Most people do not have a luxurious, custom-built bathroom with a dressing room, but dream of having one. Although a little bathroom often feels intimate and cozy, the atmosphere can be claustrophobic.

Depending on how it is decorated, your bathroom can have the sophistication and charm it deserves. Use the following tricks to transform your small bathroom and make it appear larger and less cramped.

Regaining Space

A dirty, cluttered bathroom always appears smaller than the one that is neat and clean. Put everything away but your essentials. You can do this by organizing your vanity and linen closet to make your space count. Install open shelves on your wall. Instead of cluttering the space, they will look like a part of your room.

Bright Colors

A color scheme of soft, pale colors provides an illusion of additional space while dark and strong colors make a room appear smaller. Use bright colors throughout your space, either neutrals or pastel colors for your walls and whites for towels and accessories.

If you use a light color for your floor, the room will appear more open and airy. Also, using a continuous pattern on your floor can work wonders. It is a simple and effective way to trick the eye into believing that the room is much bigger.

If you are unable to replace your flooring, try using a light, large rug over the current flooring. Do not use any type of wild pattern because this will make the room look even smaller. You want the color of your tile to be very similar to the ones used for the ceiling and walls. If there is less transition the room instantly looks larger.

The Lighting

When it comes to making a space look large and airy, having good lighting is critical. This is especially important for bathrooms since there is usually not a lot of natural light there. In addition, good lighting is also necessary for numerous bathroom activities, such as applying makeup and shaving.

A rich lighting scheme can make a huge difference. If you use more than one source of light, placed in different locations, your bathroom will have the most spacious appearance it possibly can. This includes using both task and overhead lighting.

In any areas where it is not possible to install new electrical wiring required for the lights, change your ceiling light. When you use multiple bulbs, your fixture casts light in different directions, making the space feel bigger than it really is.

The Reflection of Light and Space Through Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most important features a small bathroom can have. When used strategically, mirrors reflect the room’s lighting and pick up patterns and colors.

While a modest mirror won’t make any difference, a massive mirror, placed directly over your sink will make your bathroom appear more open. In addition, artistically hanging several mirrors instead of one big mirror works just as well.

If your bathroom has a low ceiling, the closer you hang the mirror to you ceiling the better. This makes the room appear larger. Use as many mirrors as you can, and remember that it is important how you place them. For instance, when you hang a mirror directly across the bathroom window, it looks like there are two windows in the room.

Everyone wants to have a light, airy and spacious bathroom. By combining the effects of color, lighting, and mirrors, you can easily achieve the appearance of a large bathroom.

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