4 Home Security Improvements That Change The Game

September 14, 2017 No Comment

Homeowners have been using security systems to protect their homes for decades. What started as a simple alarm system has evolved into a massive selection of options for individuals to choose from based on their needs and what they are looking to protect. But what are some of the methods that have developed over the years?

Integrated Security Systems

While homes you could control at the touch of a button used to be a thing of science fiction, today they are fairly common. You can now arm your alarm, control your thermostat, view the camera feeds, or turn your lights on or off if you want with the touch of your smart phone. This allows homeowners to have more control over their home and to be able to respond quickly to any threats from burglars or other problems.

Automated Alerts

Like security systems have for a long time, today’s security systems will alert the authorities of a break-in or unauthorized entry to your home. However, these alerts have become quicker, more reliable, and allow you to also see what these alerts are. Additionally, you can also get alerts about flooding or carbon monoxide, allowing you to respond quickly to any damaging events. These alerts can come to your phone, your email, or anyone else that you want to receive alerts.

Live Camera Feeds

Security cameras are becoming more common among households, especially since the integration of motion-activated cameras. Using motion-activated cameras allows homeowners to protect their family and home, without spending too much money on the electricity. These cameras also provide excellent evidence in the case of a break-in.

The biggest advantage that these cameras have is the ability to view their live feed. Owners can view live or archived footage of their home whenever they want. Most of these feeds can be viewed from a smart phone or secured online website. No longer do these require bulky camera and wire set ups that are unsightly and take up too much space.

Attractive Options for Security

Bars on windows and heavy locks have always been a good suggestion, especially for people who live in the city. But gone are the days when you have unsightly steel bars on your windows and huge heavy locks on your door. Now you can place bars on the windows, but they blend into the normal window. No need to advertise that you have extra security in place. You can also place the bars on a house in the suburbs without creating an unsightly appearance.

With the advancements in home security technology, people have the ability to choose what they need, without having a problem with appearance or money. Make sure you do your research carefully and that you are aware of your needs so you can find the system that fits your needs best.

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