5 Easy Ways To Inject The Human Element Into Patient Care

5 Easy Ways To Inject The Human Element Into Patient Care

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Whether it is the increased fees for medical services or the health care industry political campaigns, health care is always an important topic. Hospital administrators are getting pressure from patients and competitors. Patients want quality care. Hospitals need to reduce costs. Fortunately, there are several things hospitals can do to balance costs and patient satisfaction. Research has proven that there is a correlation between quality patient care and patient satisfaction rates. Hospitals are injecting the human element into patient care. Satisfaction scores are rising in hospitals and outpatient care centers.

Change the Way You See the Hospital

Hospital staff and patients see hospitals very differently. Hospital staff should analyze the complete patient care experience. Do patients have easy access to the doors and elevators? Tour the hospital as a patient. You will be surprised how different things are from a patient’s point of view. Do the nurses respond in a timely manner? Do the closets have enough blankets?

Focus on Great Patient Care

5 Easy Ways To Inject The Human Element Into Patient Care

Hospitals are busy, and employees do not always focus on thoughtful patient interactions. Nurses interact with many patients, and they do not always notice small details. Interact with your patients. Ask them about their hobbies while you are asking questions about their health.

Apologize for Inconveniences

Patients will complain about bad customer service. Train staff to respond to complaints in a polite manner. Resolving patient complaints should always be a priority. Hospital staff should not be defensive when a patient has a complaint. Respond with empathy and apologize for the inconvenience.

Address Systemic Problems

5 Easy Ways To Inject The Human Element Into Patient Care

Hospital staff will make mistakes. If employees keep making the same mistakes, the problems could be caused by a faulty system. Strive for a blame-free work culture. The employees will be less combative, and the patients will notice that everyone works together.

Use Aromatherapy Diffusers

Many hospitals are using holistic medicine. Essential oils can treat several common ailments. Lavender oil and peppermint oil can reduce headache tension. Eucalyptus can reduce sinusitis and coughing. Many hospitals are putting diffusers in waiting rooms and corridors.

Administrators have to be proactive in collecting feedback from patient surveys. The medical industry is highly competitive. Analyze the information and fix any issues that may be upsetting patients. When administrators take a proactive approach, hospitals can close the gap between the quality of patient care and patient satisfaction.


Improving Patient Satisfaction


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