5 Lessons To Teach Your Children Before Visiting The Big City

5 Lessons To Teach Your Children Before Visiting The Big City

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So you’ve decided to take your children on a trip to a big city. Congratulations! This is a big step for a family. It should also be an exciting time for both you and your children. Before you set out on your journey, though, make sure you teach your children these five important lessons about being in a big city.

Stay Close

One of the first lessons children need to learn about the big city is about the sheer number of people concentrated in one place. It doesn’t take much for a child to get swept up in a crowd of people and become lost. Teach your children to stay close to an adult, and if possible, always hold hands when outside, especially for the younger children.


Some children are unprepared for the amount of noise in a big city. Teach your children about the different types of noise they’ll encounter in the city. In a short walk down the block, they could hear everything from sirens or police whistles to car horns, street music, and the rumblings of public transportation. A lesson designated to the noise heard in a big city will make all those loud sounds much less intimidating.

The Homeless

Teach your children about homelessness before leaving. Explain to your children how people can help the homeless. Perhaps even make a donation to a homeless shelter, so your children can see you giving to help them and won’t wonder why you won’t give a homeless person money when they ask you directly. This teaches your child not only about serving others but also finding the right way to help people in need.

Public Transportation

Teach your child all about the public transportation in the city you’ll be visiting. Look at a map together, and point out the various subway, train or bus routes you might take through the city. Emphasize that while the odds of an accident on public transportation is very, very low, in the event that something does happen, you’ll stay together as a family and get through it. If your children know you’ve got a plan, they’ll just trust you and not worry themselves.

Getting Help

Perhaps the most important lesson you can teach your children involves what to do about getting lost. Teach your children how to locate trusted adults like police officers to ask for help. Possibly give your child a cellphone and/or identification card to carry around. Lastly, take a picture of your children on your phone each day, so you have a current photo of exactly what they looked like, including how they were dressed, to help find them. Let them know how all of these things will help them if they ever get lost.

This is an exciting time for your family, and you want to make it a positive one. Teach the above lessons to your children before you head out, and the big city is sure not to scare but surprise them. Happy travels and good luck!

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