5 Procedures Most Likely To Leave Scars

5 Procedures Most Likely To Leave Scars

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Patients may visit a physician for treatment for scars and lacerations, but it is possible for a physician to reduce the appearance of a scar after a surgery or injury. According to WebMD, keloid scars can develop from illnesses such as chickenpox or injuries such as deep burns. In addition, when someone has major acne, the blemishes can cause a scar. A bad body piercing that becomes infected or that stretches the skin can also cause an ugly scar. Here are the five most common surgeries that will leave a scar on a patient.

Scar 1: Cesarean Section

When a pregnant woman is having complications during childbirth, she may need a cesarean section. This procedure involves making a small incision near the bikini line to remove the infant quickly. In the past, physicians made large incisions, but today, tiny incisions are usually made instead. After a woman has a C-section, she must care for the stitches properly to avoid an infection.

Scar 2: Gastric Bypass

If a patient wants to lose weight faster, then a physician can perform a gastric bypass surgery. This procedure requires an incision on the abdominal area near the stomach and intestinal tract. Physicians use specialized equipment to view the interior of the patient’s abdomen in order to change the size or shape of the stomach or intestines. This surgery will leave a scar, and it may become more noticeable afterwards due to the patient’s rapid weight loss.

Scar 3: Heart Surgery

When an individual has a serious heart problem, a physician may need to make a long incision to make a repair to the arteries or heart. In some cases, a patient must have his heartbeat maintained manually by health care workers, and this may also require making a long incision on the chest wall. This type of scar is often noticeable because it can extend almost to the patient’s neck.

Scar 4: Appendectomy

The appendix is a small organ in the abdomen that is attached to the intestines. Physicians believe that the appendix may help improve the body’s immunity levels, but this organ will occasionally become highly inflamed. While medication is often able to heal an inflamed appendix, in most cases, a physician must remove this organ with a simple surgical procedure. A tiny incision will leave a scar on the right side of a patient’s abdomen.

Scar 5: Mastectomy

If a woman has breast cancer, then she may need to have one or both breasts surgically removed to save her life. This surgery will leave a huge scar on one or both sides of a woman’s body. Today, a knowledgeable mastectomy surgeon understands how to minimize the scars on a woman’s body to improve her self-esteem.

Physicians Should Minimize Scars

If you are a physician, then you will want to minimize scars on your patient by learning how to stitch lacerations properly, especially on the face or neck. In addition, it is important to use small incisions during surgical procedures to prevent ugly scars that make patients unhappy.




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