5 Unbeatable Motorcycle Vacations

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If you’ve been dreaming of hitting the road for some scenic adventures, there are plenty of options for motorcycle enthusiasts of all levels.

Route 66, United States

The gargantuan Route 66 stretches from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California and takes a whopping 2 weeks to complete. Route 66 is the ultimate trip through Americana and American history.

Route 66 Vital Stats

  • May-October are the best months to ride
  • 2248 miles/ 3940 kilometers total

Southeast Loop, Vietnam

Hit the road from Saigon to Dalat and check out some of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful backcountry. Untouched “real Vietnam” awaits you on this exotic and novice friendly loop!

Southeast Loop Vital Stats

  • December to February are the best months to ride
  • 466 miles/750 kilometers total

San Bernardino Pass, Switzerland

Breathtaking alpine scenery awaits you on this miniature ride through the mountains. The San Bernardino Pass that unites the towns of Splugen and Mesocco is
not for beginners, but advanced riders will love the challenge.

San Bernardino Pass Vital Stats

  • Ride during the summer months only
  • 20 miles/33 kilometers total

Los Caracoles Pass, Chile

Los Caracoles Pass is the most challenging ride in the world. The “snails” or hairpin twists make this a ride only for experts who want to traverse the gorgeous 5,000 mile border between Chile and Argentina. Play on the safe side. Only ride here when the weather is optimal.

Los Caracoles Pass Vital Stats

  • Spring and Fall are the best times tor ride. Avoid winter entirely.
  • 5.7 miles/ 9.3 kilometers (the entire border is 5,000 miles and can be further explored by bike)

Amalfi Coast, Italy

See one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world as you make your way down from historic Rome to beautiful cities like Ravello and Termoli. The Amalfi Coast is not to be missed and with guided tours available, its accessible to riders of all levels!

Amalfi Coast Vital Stats

  • May-June are the best times to ride
  • 953 miles or 1,534 kilometers

Ready to hit the road? Remember, a memorable ride is a safe ride so brush up on your basics and consider getting a mobile first aid kit for any roadside emergencies.





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