Additional Security Systems That We May Need To Use At Our Home

May 1, 2017 No Comment

There are special equipments that can really enhance the security of your house. Regardless of how safe your neighbourhood is, there’s nothing to lose in having an effective anti burglar system in your house. The security system should also be modular, so you will be able to add new equipments in the future. When the system is tripped, it is important to make sure that we will be immediately notified and the local police force can also receive direct information in the system. In some cases, it is a good idea to pay a little bit extra upfront, so you will be able to get something that can make your house secure. There are a number of equipments that people tend to ignore when they build their own home security system. Cellular backup equipment is essential because the central station can be notified when the alarm is tripped. An isolated security system that only trips an alarm will be less effective, because no one is being notified that someone has broken into the house.

The device works similarly to a mobile phone, but it’s installed permanently inside our house. When using the cellular backup equipment, we should choose a local network provider that has good signal in our area. We may also purchase a multi-month voice call and data plan for the equipment, but it shouldn’t require significant amount of data. One more equipment that we may often neglect is the motion sensor and it could provide us with an enhanced degree of security. However, we should make sure that our house can really support this type of alarm system. As an example, dogs and cats can cause false alarm inside our house. Also, we should know the most appropriate places to install the alarm system. If you have highly active pets, it is better to invest on glass break and window sensors instead. If we are able to install the motion sensor device at our home, it should be quite cost effective, because it’s based on a simple technology concept. A basic motion sensor device may have a range of up to 30 feet and between 90 to 180 degree coverage.

There is also panic button functionality that we can add to our security system. In this case, our master bedroom should be designed with strengthened door and exceptionally strong lock, so it can also double as a panic room. When the panic button is activated, the local police force will be notified along with our neighbours, families and friends. This should ensure a much quicker response by everyone in the area. Fire hazard is also a big threat to our house and we may need to install the smoke detector inside our house. For a bigger house, we may need to install multiple detectors in different areas and they could become a huge lifesaver during the outbreak of fire, allowing faster responses. A FLIR based system can also be used as an anti fire device, which can detect the smallest fire very quickly.

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