Break A Leg: How To Ensure You Get Paid If Missing Work

Break A Leg: How To Ensure You Get Paid If Missing Work

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Before a leg injury, you worked long hours on the job and could support yourself financially. After an injury, you cannot work and have piling medical bills, including bills for rent, utilities and personal expenses. You deserve to receive some kind of compensation for wages lost due to missing work. Research several ways to get paid and cover bills as you recover from an injury.

Look Into Insurance Programs

Workers’ compensation plans help injured workers who need to pay for medical bills, lost wages and transportation. First, learn how the laws pertain to employers and employees in your jurisdiction. The first step is to file a claim that states the injury and its circumstances.

Consider Unemployment Benefits

Receive benefits if you were laid off and continue to look for employment. In some jurisdictions, you receive minimal coverage for an average of six months with extensions available. However, for some injured people, this small amount is not enough to cover long-term bills.

Monitor Your Health

You need accurate medical bills to receive compensation for an injury. You cannot lie about feeling worse when your injury has actually gotten better. No case is valid without evidence in the form of doctor’s reports and medical images. Record every episode of pain, swelling and discomfort that you feel along with details about surgeries, hospitalizations and medications. You must prove the pain and suffering that you feel to receive the right amount of compensation in court.

Follow the Doctor’s Instructions

If your injury got worse but you refused to follow the doctor’s instructions, you may not receive any money in court. You receive less sympathy from the court when medical records show that you interfered with your own recovery. If you think the doctor is wrong, find another doctor who is approved under your workers’ comp plan.

Contact an Attorney

If you still cannot get paid for time off work, your next option is to get a hold of your attorney. Hire an attorney to help you file a claim on time and explain your rights as an injured former worker. Also, hire a professional to file an appeal, if necessary.

Recovering from a leg injury is the most important step of recovery, but you still have bills to pay. You should not have to withdraw money from a personal savings account either. Research the options that you have to get paid for lost wages.

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