Designing A Dream Home

Designing A Dream Home

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Whether you are thinking of re-imagining your current home or buying a plot of land to build on, designing your dream home is an exciting prospect. The opportunity to plan and build a house with customized features is the vision of many potential homeowners.

While thinking about embarking on such a project is very exciting, thorough planning is essential for when a decision is made to go ahead. That means you will be sure to include all the features you want in your dream home and have a less stressful, more successful project overall.

What features do you want in your dream home?

A good idea at the initial planning stage is to brainstorm the features you would like in your new house. For many people, a swimming pool or a hot tub would be essentials because they would love to have them installed on their premises to use whenever they liked.

You may feel that other features such as a home gym or a games room are things that your dream house must have. Remember, it is not just the practical things that you can include – luxury rooms or features such as these will give it that exceptional feel.

You will also need to think about more practical features. Maybe your current home doesn’t have a properly surfaced driveway or adequate garaging – something that irritates you, so ensure that such elements are included in your plan.

Check out the financial cost

It can be easy to forget about completing proper costings when sketching out what will go into your house. Obviously, this has to take everything into account, from buying the building plot to the whole cost of the build, including realistic labor and material costs. Allow a percentage for unexpected expenses that often arise during a building project.

If you do this and find that you can’t quite have everything you want then don’t despair. There are many avenues to raise the money you need for your dream home, from mortgages, financial investments, and bank loans. If you are the sort of person that is blessed with good luck you might even be successful with the lottery! If you are based in California, check out the internet to get a list of CA lottery play in your area – the Mega Millions, in particular, offers great jackpot wins.

Designing tips

Once you have overcome any personal misgivings and financial issues, then you are ready to begin building your dream home. Here are some other things to consider when you are entering into the project:

Consider terrain and elevation if buying land

If you will be buying a plot of land to build on then check it out carefully before you purchase. Obviously, you will need to make sure it is big enough for your planned build and also that the type of terrain is suitable. The kind of ground you intend to build on could have potential problems relating to drainage or subsidence. Also, the elevation of land you might buy is a prime concern. Is it on a slope or close to an exposed beach where storms and flooding could be an issue?

Think about sunlight

A key factor to remember when designing a dream home is making sure you get enough sunlight into the property. That will not only have great health benefits for your family but also keep your home light and airy. Not only do you need to consider where your windows will be placed and the type and how many you want, but also if there are any obstructions to the entry of light where you plan to position your rooms.

Future-proof your home

One thing that some people neglect to do when designing a house is to future-proof it. You may only have one child now but what if you have another? Or your partner’s mother arrives in 5 years’ time? Making sure your new dream home has enough room for future family growth is something to seriously think about to avoid having to move to another property or build extensions.

Let your imagination run wild!

The main thing when designing your dream home is that it should be a fun, thrilling and exciting project. The chance to plan and construct where you will live is a great opportunity and something that should make you feel fulfilled and content. Although there is lots to think about, it will all be worth it when you are done and are relaxing in that brand-new Jacuzzi!

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