Home Cleaning Essentials: Giving Your Kids Bedroom the Attention it Needs

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We love our kids, but they can be pretty disgusting sometimes. Whether it’s bringing dead worms inside the house to show you, not wiping their bums or washing their hands properly, or leaving perishable snacks under furniture to form its own ecosystem, kids come with a wealth a revolting habits. And where do most of these revolting habits come to a head? In their bedrooms. This is where all their secrets come to hide, and while any parent of a pre-teen or teenager can attest to the fact that sometimes, we’d like these dirty secrets to remain hidden, it isn’t healthy.

Kids need clean rooms. It’s more than a matter of appearance, too — though there’s a lot to be said about how cleaning one’s space results in personal accountability, pride, as well as mental clarity. There’s also the matter of our physical health, which is compromised when we live in unclean conditions. You’re a parent, so you know that when it comes to cleaning your kids room, you have to pick your battles for their sakes and for yours. So, let’s focus on the essential cleaning that every child’s bedroom needs.

Essential Cleaning for Kids’ Bedrooms

Time: 1-3 hours
Age: 2+ (Get your child to help!)

Material: Vinegar, water, baking soda, bucket, clean cloth.

Level: Medium

Floors. Floors are one of the dirtiest places in your home, and can actually rank for filth over your toilet seat. Lord knows what your little ones have tracked in, so be sure to regularly clean the floors. If you have hardwood, vacuum/sweep 2-3 times a week. Mop with a water and vinegar solution at least once (equal part mixture).

If you have carpet/rugs, vacuum 2-3 times a week and spot clean as necessary. Use club soda or a baking soda/vinegar solution for immediate spills and straight vinegar for set-in stains. At least twice a year, have your carpets or rugs steam or dry cleaned. It may seem unnecessary, but carpets trap dirt and germs (even bacteria like salmonella), so get it done for the health of your family.

Walls. Sometimes you can see the grubby hand prints. Sometimes you can’t — but the germs are there. Grab a spray bottle of equal parts water and vinegar and wash down the walls every two months.

Beds. While young kids don’t produce body oil and sweat like adults, they are more likely to carry germs with them between the sheets. Bed sheets should be washed every week, though comforters and duvet covers can be done less frequently (aim for once a month). Next up, mattresses. Vacuum the mattress every time you clean the sheets to help rid the bed of dry skin and dust mites. Once a year, clean the mattress. Mattress cleaning by eco-conscious professionals is your best bet, since you know that harmful allergens and critters are being removed, and you know that there cleaning methods are safe.

It may sound like a lot of work, but it is a small investment of time and money in the overall health of your family, and appearance of your home. Happy cleaning!

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