How The Right Scent Makes All The Difference When Cleaning

How The Right Scent Makes All The Difference When Cleaning

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How Can Essential Oils Help You Clean a Home?

When you are entering a home, the odor of the room is one of the first things that you will notice. No wants to smell a foul odor in a building, but if you are using most store-bought cleansers, then you will see the fragrances from human-made chemicals. Fortunately, you can make your homemade cleaners, using high-quality doTERRA oils that have wonderful fragrances.

Use a Masculine or Feminine Essential Oil In a Bedroom

The type of essential oil used for cleaning different types of rooms is essential. If you are cleaning a woman’s bedroom, then she might enjoy the scent of lavender because it helps with relaxation. However, men prefer a masculine scent, so you should use an essential oil such as sandalwood instead.

Use Citrus-scented Essential Oil In a Kitchen

When you are cleaning the countertops in a kitchen, add a few drops of essential oil to the homemade cleanser. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of vinegar and water before adding 10 drops of grapefruit or orange essential oil. The fragrance from the doTERRA essential oils will give a kitchen a delicious fresh odor.

Mix Peppermint-scented Oil With Homemade Cleansers

While cleaning a bathroom, you can use essential oil cleansers to help purify. A powerfully scented essential oil such as peppermint can also mask the foul odors that often occur in bathrooms. In addition to using essential oil cleansers in a bathroom, you can place a specialized diffuser on a countertop.

Use Eucalyptus-scented Oil In a Child’s Bedroom

If you want to be natural in your cleaning, then keep your kid’s room clean with natural cleansers. You can add eucalyptus essential oil to your homemade cleanser to impart a pleasant fragrance. This plant-based essential oil is the perfect way to help your children enjoy clean air on a daily basis.

Welcome Your Guests With a Combination of Cinnamon and Apple Oils

When you are cleaning the entrance way and living room of your home, use a combination of apple and cinnamon doTERRA oils in your cleaning solutions. Everyone seems to enjoy the fragrance of cinnamon and apples, especially throughout the autumn and holiday season.

How Often Should You Clean With Essential Oils?

You can clean a home with cleansers that contain essential oils as often as you like, but most individuals like to clean a room at least once a week.

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