How To Appear Smart and Stylish?

July 29, 2017 No Comment

Being smart and being stylish are two different things and combining both characteristics can be quite challenging. When we want to achieve this, it is important to look both smashing and neat. At younger age, we are already taught to coordinate our fashion style and dress well. If we obey this simple concept, we should feel smartly dressed when we walk out of the door. Our goal is to lift ourselves to a higher level, where we can show to others that we are feeling particularly smashing and fabulous. When we want to look smart and stylish, it is important to understand the difference between the two. If not, we may end up dressing smart and dull or stylish and dumb. We may look smart and dull when we wear and use overly conservative fashion elements, such as matching black shoes, top, pants and bag. Instead we may add some style to a conservative template, such as matching blue patterns, so we can bring both colors together.

When we want to look smart and stylish, it is important to adopt the proper style principles, in terms of darkness and tone. If the color and patterns are too uniform, we may become look smart and dull. Colors may appear to be drained from our face when we wear dark blouse or top with high neckline. We may add some light-colored fashion elements to an overall dark, conservative fashion style, but this will require some amount of experimentation. If we mix the right elements, it is possible that not only we look smart and stylish, but also fabulous. A good example we may wear dark blue jacket and top, combined with lighter colored scarf and pants. It is also possible that we look smart and “missing something. It means that we may try to add additional accessories that can complete our appearance. Some white elements may allow us to liven up the black. One example is that it may not be enough to match shoes with our jacket.

Scarf should help us to bring the basic colors together, especially if we are wearing two or three items with plain color. Obviously, we shouldn’t use something that’s out of place, such as plain orange necklace. We may end up looking smart and “something is wrong”. It is clear that attempting to look smart and stylish isn’t straightforward. Fortunately, we could find many samples on the Internet to give us some ideas on how to achieve this. A stylish and smart combination if you have two or three colors in your style, but with one dominating color over others, followed by some for the second color and a smaller touch of the third color. With proper plan, you should be able to shine, instead of looking dull. With proper combination, you will be noticed positively by others, by looking smashing and remembered easily. You need to be creative and it’s very likely that you will make some initial mistakes. However, the end result will surely be fabulous.

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