How To Have The Best Family Vacation EVER

How To Have The Best Family Vacation EVER

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Family vacations are for bonding with loved ones, having fun, and making memories. So naturally, there’s a lot of pressure in the planning to make sure that everyone has a good time. Believe it or not, this is easier than you think. For the best family vacation ever, adhere to these rules.

Avoid Creating a Busy Itinerary

One of the most common mistakes made when planning a family vacation is to try and cram everything into a limited schedule. Although you may want to please everyone by planning as many different types of experiences as possible, it can be difficult to enjoy the trip if you’re busy every day of the trip. Make it a point to plan an itinerary that is flexible and allows people to sleep in or head to the pool if they’re in the mood to relax.

Record Everything

Part of ensuring that the family vacation is memorable, you’ll need to record everything to ensure that you can remember the time that you spent together. Take photos and record videos of the fun activities that you try. However, wait until returning home to post it on social media to ensure that you can unplug from technology and appreciate your time with your loved ones.

Book a Room with a View

Booking a room with a view will help everyone to enjoy spending time in your hotel room and have a comfortable place to relax. A view of a downtown area or of the ocean will prove to make it an incredible experience that allows everyone to feel pampered. Additional ways to make a hotel stay feel extra special include ordering room service for breakfast and booking joint rooms to have more space and allow kids to stay in a separate area from the adults.

Get Your Family’s Input

Ask your family how they want to spend the vacation and work your schedule around their interests. One child may want to swim with dolphins or some of the adults may want to get a massage. Listening to everyone’s opinions can allow you to schedule different activities that appeal to everyone without having to go the shotgun route. Also keep everyone’s budgets in mind; an activity that isn’t a problem for one family might be prohibitive for another. For certain special occasions, like grandparents’ 50th anniversary, dipping into special funds like life insurance may be worthwhile.

Having the best family vacation ever isn’t so much about the experiences that are planned so much as it is about the time spent together. Planning a schedule that facilitates this, then, should be your ultimate priority. And by including your family in the decisions that you make, you can keep (most) everyone happy from the first day to the last.

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