Pool Flooding? 5 Ways To Ensure Catastrophe Is Avoided

Pool Flooding? 5 Ways To Ensure Catastrophe Is Avoided

September 25, 2017 No Comment

How often do you test your home security system? Do you not have a home security system? You might be surprised to learn how useful one could be. While it is well known that a security system can protect you from intruders (with 39,000 homes being burgled in New Zealand each year), it can also protect you from other catastrophes that plague your home.

Flooding from pool, pipes or storms

ADT security with flood sensor technology is the ultimate guard against catastrophe in case of a storm, a pool overflowing or your pipes breaking. A special water detector near your pool, in your basement, or wherever you need it will notify ADT, and you, when the water is rising; furthermore, you can buy a special emergency battery to keep your system running in case of an emergency.

Fire and Smoke Detection

Did you know that you can connect your ADT security system to other emergency devices, such as your smoke detector? An ADT Security Response Center will know when you need help and try to call you, your emergency contacts and the fire brigades. This could be a life saving measure if the flames and smoke are rising while you and your loved ones are asleep.

Panic Button on your key fob

If you have a medical emergency, severe allergy, or other problem, you can just press a button on your ADT key fob and an ADT Security Response Center will be alerted to send someone over. This tiny device could save the life of you or someone you love!

Fall Detection

A specific subset of medical detection. For example, say your senior parent has trouble walking and falls down. With a fall detection pendant around their, ADT will take only one minute to sense their accident, even if they are not able to press the special emergency button.

Duress Code

The duress code is a specific measure in case someone forces you to turn off the security system so that they can access your home. Instead of your usual code, type in this special number and the alarm will appear to turn off, while actually alerting officials that you are in trouble so that they can send over assistance.

Life is full of emergencies, not just from other people, but a home security system can do a lot to make you and your loved ones safer!

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