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Post-Construction Cleanup: What To Expect

September 8, 2017 No Comment

After waiting ages for your new home to be built — or even just a remodel — you’re probably itching to get settled. But you may be dismayed to find that your home doesn’t look pristine after opening the door. In fact, it may look a little like a disaster zone. It is time to bring in reinforcements. Although the contractor is required to remove the majority of the construction debris, you will most likely be left with remnants and particles from floor to ceiling, and every area in between.

What is required of the General Contractor?

The contractor will provide a “rough cleaning” of the site. This involves removing large debris and leftover materials. Contractors will do a run-through of the construction site and haul away extra construction materials, tools, wiring, etc. This happens after the final touches of the construction or reconstruction have been completed.

What will you have to do?

The biggest culprit of leftover post construction mess is dust. After construction these particles form a thick layer on walls, floors, and every nook and crack they can get into. If left, these dust particles can infest air ducts and embed themselves into carpets and fabrics, destroying the freshness of the newly constructed space.

Replace Air Filters

Any air filters will need to be replaced and ducts, as well as vent covers, cleaned. Eliminating dust from being transmitted into the air is important to keep dust from being spread and to help prevent allergies and respiratory problems. Some particles left behind from construction can actually be damaging to residents and pets and must be removed promptly. Running an air purifier in the room may also be helpful.

Wipe it Down

Finally, all surfaces will need to be thoroughly wiped down and cleaned, especially windows and walls. Special attention will need to be given to any uneven areas and crevices where dust has settled and become trapped.

Clean Carpets & Fabrics

Any exposed fabric and carpet will need to be cleaned and thoroughly vacuumed to make sure all dust particles removed. If furniture was present during construction, it is best taken apart to be cleaned to remove any hidden dirt. Multiple cleanings may be necessary for carpets, cushions, etc.

Light Fixtures, Blinds, Etc.

Do not forget about any small items that were left exposed to the construction. People often forget about cleaning things such as light fixtures. Fixtures may need to be dismantled and opened in order to reach all crevices. Don’t forget to check closets, cupboards, and drawers as well. Blinds are some of the most difficult pieces to clean, so check out these tips.


A thorough post-construction cleanup is an excellent opportunity to take a close look at the work your contractor and their crew did. Check for cracks in the walls/ceiling, poor grout application, and peeling linoleum, for starters. If you do find a mistake, take it up with the contractor. If they are unwilling to fix it, you may need to consult with a construction attorney.

Post-Construction Cleanup: What To Expect

Post-construction cleaning is not a step to be missed or put on hold. The process will help to ensure the safety of your family and/or other residents and will preserve the integrity of the new construction work. Once everything has been wiped, cleaned, and polished, you will be able to enjoy the final product.

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