Things You Should Do When Buying New Purses

June 19, 2017 No Comment

Buying a new purse isn’t a complex matter, but it can still be quite tricky. At first, you need to do your research. You should check your preferences and learn the types of purse styles in the market. You need to be familiar with brand and style. There are different details that you need to consider. As an example, purses have different metal components, such as brass, stainless steel, aluminium and silver for more expensive models. You should do enough research and there are tons of resources in the market that can help you get fully familiarized. Catalogues of purses are also primary source of research to know more about their details and prices. When purchasing new purses, you should consider going to consignment shops. Some of these shops are quite well regarded among purse lovers. However, consignment shops can offer higher prices, so you need to compare prices.

You should also avoid buying a fake and you should know your product. Again, you are able to avoid fake products if you have performed your researches. When buying from online sellers, you need to make sure that sellers have good feedback and rating. We should know that prices of purse are usually quite stable, so if the price appears to be too good, then it probably is. The price of original purse is significantly lower on if it is worn out and it needs to be refurbished. If you are suspicious, you need to ask away. If sellers are using stock pictures, then you should be suspicious. Instead, ask to get close up pictures of the cornets, back of zipper, metal elements, tags, label, packaging and others. If the seller is experienced and trustworthy, you should be able to obtain these pictures immediately. Also, ask to use PayPal, so you are able to contest a dishonest seller.

It can be quite risky if you rely on bank transfers. If you do this, you will have no recourse if you find out that the purse is actually fake. PayPal has dispute resolution feature that allows you to dispute any kind of purchase. You may argue that the seller has misrepresented the item and you should be able to protect yourself properly. If the item is particularly expensive, you need to get it authenticated. Proper authentication should be achieved before you bid the purchase. There are a number of authentication services and you only need to pay no more than $10 for a quick examination and validation. It should be a small fee compared to the overall value of the expensive purse. Craigslist is still the popular place to find good quality purses. For people who live in Los Angeles or New York, you should be able to find many designers purses.

When you purchase through Craigslist, you should consider meeting the actual seller, so you will be able to check the item directly. This should be possible for people who live in larger cities where they can find plenty of sellers who are willing to meet directly.

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