Things You Should Know About Edible Gold

July 18, 2017 No Comment

Eating gold is clearly unnecessary and a waste of money. It has no taste at all and provides zero nutritional value. Edible gold is simply for lustre and look. Regardless of whether you agree or not, there’s nothing wrong about knowing a bit more about it. Edible gold is essentially very thin sheets of gold, at only 0.7mm thick. Gold doesn’t even give a metallic taste to our food and we may only get very slight crunch of it. People eat goal for their self-image, because they can afford even the most expensive food ingredient on the planet. It is one step forward in terms of culinary decadence. Edible gold is usually under 22-carat and mixed with other harmless metals. Pure 24-carat gold is simply too soft and it will be too difficult to manufacture and handle. Depending on what kind of other metals in the edible gold, we could have different colors, such as white, bright yellow and slightly reddish.

It’s believed that ancient Egyptians ate powdered gold to achieve immortality. As a display of wealth, Egyptian nobles consume roast birds and other kinds of meat that’s wrapped in gold leaf. Nobles during the era of Queen Elizabeth also have figs, dates, pomegranates, grapes and oranges that are sprinkled with gold dust. The same thing occurred in Japan and Italy. So, it is clear that the idea of eating gold isn’t new. Specks of gold could also improve the visual appeal of desserts that have chocolate in them. The big question is whether gold is really safe. Gold is essentially inert. Our body doesn’t need it and it would be absorbed in any way into our bloodstream. It will pass through into our digestive system without being broken down. Our body is simply not designed to deal with gold. After 24 hours, it will be passed out of our body completely and there’s no detectable danger of eating gold leaf in our food. Because it’s inert, gold can also be safely used for dental filings.

While gold doesn’t cause any harmful to our body, there’s also no credible evidence that gold has benefit for our body. We shouldn’t trust any new age guru who claims that their gold-based concoctions are able to regenerate our deficient organs improve our mental capacities. There are even claims that gold is able to help different conditions, such as frustrations, mental breakdown, nervousness and other things. There’s no reason to believe that gold can really affect who our brain works. Another important question is how much will it cost. A chocolate sundae with whipped cream and sprinkles of gold leaf could set you back $25,000. A small portion of bagels and white truffle cream, with some edible gold on it worth more than $1,000. It appears that edible gold is just an excuse for restaurants to ridiculously mark up the cost their dishes, but this food product is here to stay. It becomes among the most expensive food ingredients on the planet.

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