Things You Should Know About Luxurious German Car Brands

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Expensive cars have become the part of modern lifestyle and we often see a swarm of luxurious cars on the road. Modern luxury cars appeal to specific people and they are highly segmented. When planning to buy a luxury car, we should know our own preference. Cars from the same category usually have specific features and each brand usually maintains a unique character. We should know about things that can symbolize a brand.

  • Mercedes Benz: It is probably the most famous maker of luxury cars. These cars are affectionately called as the Merc and often represent the prime examples of German engineering marvel. Mercedes forms its own unique niche in the car industry and it symbolizes fine tuned performance, grand performance and classic styling. Having that iconic three-pointed logo on their car is something that many people dream about. Mercedes cars are known for a blend of attention to detail, classic design and luxury. In fact, people could easily recognize a Mercedes from a distance. Mercedes is known for impressive stability in quality and you should choose Mercedes cars if you want to play it safe. This is a strong image that Mercedes strongly represents for many years. When using Mercedes, people associate the car with its own class that oozes with a sense of royalty. Mercedes is a well established car brand with impressive reputation and it’s something that you should choose if you trust the tradition.
  • BMW: BMW cars are known for their sharp design and double grills. These cars symbolize an essence of performance in the car industry. BMW cars feature impeccable performance and cutting edge dynamics with unmatched style. When you drive BMW cars, you will notice joy of driving and absolute performance. Despite their elegance, BMW cars also symbolize raw and muscle power. These cars are for those who love to take more risks in life and enjoy the real thrill. Owners of BWM cars are seen as more aggressive drivers who announce their arrival. While Mercedes cars are seen as classy, the appropriate term for BMW cars is trendy.
  • Audi: Audi is a car type that’s not in the same league with two other brands. It is often suggested that Audi overpowers two other car brands in terms of luxury. Among car owners, Audi is defined as fearless and young, which sets itself beyond established norms. It offers a breakaway from the usual tradition and it’s something that people want. Audi cars are known for their exquisite design and they represent real influence. Instead of focusing on traditional machinery, Audi focuses on the use of latest technology. They have the performance orientation of sports car, which appeals to modern buyers. Audi cars are often preferred for modern buyer who are confident and competent, as well as those with self-made wealth. Two strong hallmarks of Audi cars are modern ground breaking technology and styling.

It is clear that the choice of your luxury car depends on the associated character of each brand name.

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