5 Tips For Healthy Feet

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Happy Feet – No, it is not about the movie, it is rather about having real healthy feet. It adds a feel-good factor to your life and helps you to stay active. Moreover, your feet carry out much weight and we repay them by wearing ill-fit shoes or cramming them in tight socks.

However, it is not the high heels alone. Those comfortable flip-flops or athletic slides can also cause maladies. Whatever you wear, if it lacks arch support, you are going to suffer from various types of feet related problems. Therefore, it is advisable not to neglect your feet that can lead to bunions or corns or unnecessary pains.

Even people are there who do not realize that poor feet can have an overall impact on their health. You will find a few steps to keep your feet active and pain-free. The studies done by Institute of Preventative Health tell that the problems with feet are common among people of mid-20. Therefore, as your feet do a lot for you, it is important on your part to do a little for them.

It is easy to keep your feet healthy if you follow some of the best tips. However, some of these tips apply to both men and women and can help you to gain immunity.

  1. Time To Throw Those Old Shoes

Worn out shoes are not only ugly, but they are bad for your feet. As worn out stretches thus becoming big for your foot. Too large shoes rub against your heel and result in burn or blisters. Anyone who suffers from such wounds knows it is no fun. You need to keep on checking your soles since worn out soles can make you slip.  Instead of resolving them, it is better to buy a new pair. It is important to choose right boot for plantar fasciitis since you will be wearing them daily to your work. Remember that your shoes must be in good shape and good fit, or else it is time to replace them.

  1. Keep Your Feet Clean And Hygienic

Not only you should choose right boot for plantar fasciitis, but you should also maintain hygiene. You must clean and scrub your feet with soap and water daily during bathe. Fungal insects or molds love moisture, so keep your feet dry and avoid wetness. Moisture in between the toes can cause fungal infection any time. You can training your feet with  home-equipment at your own home like  vertical climbers

5 Tips For Healthy Feet


  1. Avoid Wearing High heels

We know that beauty comes with pain. Yes, it is not that easy. However, there is nothing beautiful about having painful feet. Therefore, when you decide to buy shoes choose the healthy ones. Stop wearing those sky-high pumps daily to your work, rather save them for the occasional gatherings. This way you will reduce the risk of developing problems like bunions or plantar fasciitis or small toenails. You can massager your foot at home. All you have to do is kneading your feet for just 10 minutes a day and you can observe a super change in your mood swings too.

5 Tips For Healthy Feet


  1. Toenails Are One Of The Important To Put Attention

You must cut your toenails properly to avoid feet hazards. You must avoid trimming the nail too close to your skin. Do not round the corners of the nails drastically as it might develop ingrown toenails. Even you should not wear nail polish on the infected toenails as it could make the matter worse.

  1. You Need To Wear Shoes That Fit Properly

Do you know that shoes that are too tight to wear might cause long-term problems? So if you are conscious about the health of your feet, then shop shoes that will compensate your foot swelling any time of the day. It is just not about your shoes, the socks or hosiery that you wear should be well fit as your shoes.

5 Tips For Healthy Feet


 Make a choice of buying broad and rounded shoes as it gives plenty of room for toes. The shoes should also have a stable heel and not pointed as it might cramp your toes and can lead to having ingrown toenails. So be on your toe and choose right boot for plantar fasciitis.

Get the help that you need and treat your feet with love and care they deserve. Science and technology can help you replace hip and joints but in this life, you have got only one pair of feet the support. If eyes are windows to our soul, feet are the door for good health. So take good care of them!

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