What Are The Most Vulnerable Areas Of My Home?

What Are The Most Vulnerable Areas Of My Home?

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Everybody wants their home to look attractive, but on the other hand, burglars have been known to target homes that look better than others, as they assume that there will be better pickings. So should you settle for an average or even unattractive home in order to protect yourself and your family? Not necessarily. Knowing the most vulnerable areas of your home where such robbers can gain entry to your house is a key step in initiating a solution to burglary. Since you can’t personally monitor everything all the time, it is important to know where you should be focusing your home security and what areas are the most in need of alarms.

Front Door

You will be surprised to realize that many robbers get into homes right through the main front door. If you leave it unlocked or you have a flimsy lock, it doesn’t take much effort for someone to get in. Additionally, having recessed front doors or a lot of architectural features can obscure your doorway, giving criminals an easy hiding place from your neighbors or even you. To avoid this, make sure that you have adequate lighting around your front door that is motion-activated. You should also make sure that you don’t clutter your door with ornamental bushes or other decorations. A little bit is fine, but the more you have, the more places to hide you are giving people.

Your Yard

Your yard generally isn’t within the view of the street, which means there is ample room for criminals to hide and to break in without worrying that someone driving by will catch them. To reduce this vulnerability, it might be a good idea to install a fence around your yard and to add motion-activated lights in your yard. Nothing will make a potential burglar stop like a bright spotlight shining right on them. If you have a pool in your backyard, it may be wise to include pool alarms to alert you if someone jumps or falls in your pool.


How many times during the warm nights have you slept with your windows wide open? This is a fairly common occurrence since it brings fresh air and helps reduce utilities. But this can also pose a hazard to your safety. Ground floor windows are easily accessible, and it doesn’t take much to remove a screen or slit a hole in one. If you choose to leave a window open in a main room, you are essentially asking someone to come in. Even windows on the second floor can be vulnerable if you have low-hanging trees or piles of things that can be used to climb on the roof. To secure your windows. Try planting some thorny bushes below the windows you plan to open and make sure that there isn’t easy access to your roof.

Basement and Garage

There have been several instances where the robbers did not have to break into anything to enter a home. They just walked straight through unlocked garage doors or open basement windows. This isn’t something that you usually think of until you have had a problem with it, but leaving your garage door unlocked or basement windows open is never a good idea. Most people have quite a lot of valuable things in their garage, which leaves it incredibly vulnerable. Get in the habit of locking your garage door, even if you are home. If you want to open basement windows, make sure there is always someone in that room.

It’s never fun to consider the possibility of a break-in, but guarding against one now can save you a lot of heartache in the future. Make sure you secure these vulnerable areas and do some research on the area you live in. This will help you identify any individual risks that you may be exposed to.


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