Why You Should Choose Smaller Cruise Ship Options?

July 11, 2017 No Comment

There are many luxury cruise options that you can choose. Some people prefer larger cruise ships that can accommodate more than 4,000 passengers, while others prefer smaller ones that hold less than 1,000 people. Each has its own advantages and drawback. Large cruise ships are often equipped with many entertainment options, but not all exotic ports are able to handle such huge vessels, potentially causing you to miss out some of the hidden jewels out there. If you have gone aboard those gigantic vessels before, it is a good idea to consider choosing smaller cruise ships, which can get you additional choices of ports. Some of these smaller cruise options are actually more expensive, but they can be more expensive and luxurious than their larger brethrens.

  • Azamara Cruises: It allows you to explore everything from lazy strolls in the French Riviera to wonderful nights in Stockholm to impressive rain forests in Costa Rica. These cruises hold less than 700 passengers and crews, while providing you with boutique style accommodation, which you can’t find in other cruise ships. For suite guests, they will get English butler service, while for regular passengers, they can get soft drinks, bottled water, teas and specialty coffee included in the service. Azamara cruises bring you around the world, including Marseille, Crete, Amalli, Seville and Bangkok in South East Asia.
  • Crystal Cruises: Their services included unparalleled selections of dining options and complimentary gratuities. You will also get technology concierge, fun computer classes, golf lessons, high tea and 24-hour room services. Crystal cruises are predominantly non-smoking trips, except for an onboard cigar club, the Connoisseur Club Cigar bar. Crystal cruises also offer smaller yachts for more personalized trips, where staffs will know your name, with only 31 luxury yachts. For shorter trips, you can choose Crystal River cruises, which is based on Paris and offer various lengths of trips.
  • Oceania Cruises: With Oceania Cruises, you will get spectacular selections of exotic and diverse destinations that offer you a wide degree of elegance. They should offer you plenty of unique itineraries that are designed to proper showcase you with the most fascination destinations available. Their trips are luxurious and intimate, guiding you to both modern and historic cities, as well as charming seaside villages located on sparkling coastlines. People will have the opportunity to experience local art, cuisine and history. Depending on the ship, Crystal cruise ships hold between 700 to 1,250 passengers.
  • Regent Seven Seas: Just like other cruises, they also provide us with very personal and truly sumptuous experience. You should have an unforgettable and amazing journey. Fares include early booking savings, 2 for 1 all inclusive fares, free luxury hotel package and free unlimited shore excursions. You should also get many amenities, such as free 24-hour room service, free prepaid gratuities and free transportation between cruise ships and airport. You will have fully enriched onboard experience that you will never forget for the rest of your lives and you may be eager to join these cruises again.

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