Yes, Home Security Systems Need Maintenance Too

Yes, Home Security Systems Need Maintenance Too

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Regular maintenance of home security systems doubles the life expectancy of the systems, ensures optimal functioning, and guarantees homeowner insurance coverage. Systems’ maintenance can be performed through a self-check or by a professional.

Professional Maintenance

Your home security system should be diagnosed by a qualified professional annually to ensure a thorough check on all components of the system. A professional maintenance should involve:

  • Checking the sensors to confirm they are not loose
  • Checking on the proper functioning of the batteries
  • Performance of controlled tests on panic buttons
  • Ensuring signals are received by the monitoring center
  • Repairing malfunctioning or damaged parts of the system.
  • Updating of software if necessary.

Most home security systems providers offer this maintenance as part of the installation package.


Constant checks on your security systems prevent extreme malfunctions in the security system. Here are some simple tasks you can do yourself.

1. Examine the Control Panel

The panel which is the brain of the security system has a test mode which performs a self-diagnosis to ensure the entire system is functioning well. It can also be inspected visually to look out for any signs of damage. In case of a malfunctioning or wear of the panel, notify your vendor for repair or replacement.

2. Check the Sensors

Self-maintenance of security systems should involve checking the sensors on all the windows and doors. Also, refasten the sensors occasionally and change batteries regularly for the wireless sensors which are battery powered.

3. Inspect Cameras

The cameras should be examined daily to check if they are pointed correctly and whether they have power. The monitoring and recording appliances should also be tested to guarantee all cameras are capturing images and recording accurately. If you have IP security cameras, update the firmware often. Cleaning the lens and dusting the camera is also necessary to ensure continuous feed.

Weather Considerations

Maintenance of home security systems should also put into consideration the changes in the environment such as air quality, humidity, and temperature. Most security systems have environment intelligence to deter problems that may arise due to a sudden change in temperature or poor air quality. Like in Chicago, most homes are fitted with modern security systems that can handle cooler weather, higher winds, and humidity. Home security in Arizona should be able to handle extreme heat and low humidity.

Failure to fix these environmental intelligent security systems might require constant control of the thermostat. In areas like Louisiana which are more humid, the security systems can also be used to measure moisture level and enable you to maintain the right amount of moisture in your home.

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