5 Common Reasons Why Your Car Breaks Down

5 Common Reasons Why Your Car Breaks Down

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Nothing can take the sting out of the fun of your road trip like a car breakdown, and spotting the ‘check engine’ light flashing and putting a break on your summer getaway. Summer in Dubai is indeed the time when heat can suck away all the liquid from you. Fortunately, you are smart enough to know how to protect yourself, but your car is not. Cars go through extreme pressure during this season that leads to its frequent breakdowns.

It is crucial for you to be wise on your part and know what are the reasons that can cause a breakdown along with ways to avoid them. Here are the five common reasons for your car being in trouble during the summer.

#Reason 1- Evaporative Leakage

When the sun is beating down viciously, it makes the fuel in your car turned into vapor. This is why preserving the liquid during summer can turn out to be a great decision to avoid such evaporation. The charcoal canister wins the situation here by absorbing the vapor of the fuel and storing it to be used later when the engine starts.

The evaporative system of the car engine is equipped with valves, canisters, and hoses, and their work is to manage the evaporative emissions from the car. When there is a leakage in this system, the ‘check engine’ light starts flashing on the dashboard. The reason behind this could be the loose cap or a cracked hose.

5 Common Reasons Why Your Car Breaks Down

#Reason 2- Excessive Heating

The saying remains ‘excess of anything is bad’. Similarly, if it is concerned with heat, it can be really harmful to your car. Overheating of the motor vehicle can result in the fault in the cooling system. Make sure your cooling system is working properly if you do not want to get baked in the heat. Checking this system becomes essential as excessive heat increases its workload. It is suggested to get your car properly checked before you hit the road during summer getaways. You can put on the heater when your car engine is heated and switch off your car’s air conditioner to make things go smoother.

#Reason 3- Flat Tyres

To be honest, most of us have gone through this situation, Agree? Because of the hot roads and speeding car during the summer, the tires have to go through extreme pressure, which can further result in quick wear and tear. You should keep checking the pressure of your car tires to avoid such a situation. You can avoid unnecessary halts in your trip by maintaining the perfect level of air in your tires and referring to the manual before heading for your road trip.

#Reason 4- Batteries

Batteries put the car in trouble more during hot days. You may avoid the plastics that cover the battery, but then it plays an important role in keeping them cool. Make sure that the plastics of the battery are in their place. If you face difficulty starting your car, then check the battery using a battery tester. Another great option is to change or replace the battery after every three years, or as mentioned in the car manual.

#Reason 5- Surge

Surge, or engine hesitation can be caused by the dirt present in the air filter. Surge make the engine work harder, which further causes a problem while driving. If required, do the repairs of the filters, as a fault in filters can cause you to shell out a lot of money eventually. Before starting any trip on your car, make sure its filter is clean.

By keeping these points in mind, you can get on the way to make your summer trips memorable. The great thing is that you can easily buy auto spare parts online if you want to replace any of the above-mentioned parts in your car.

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