5 Helpful Tips To Safely Shop Online

5 Helpful Tips To Safely Shop Online

April 17, 2018 No Comment

In this modern age and time, the internet has actually changed the way everyone shops. Due to numerous benefits of online shopping which includes obviously buying within the comfort of your own home, then have the same item delivered next day, more and more people turn to shopping online rather than doing the conventional way of going to stores.

However, this progress also has disadvantages. One of which is making the shopper susceptible to fraud, items not being delivered although payment has been made and identity theft.

To avoid these from happening, below are 5 helpful tips on how to shop online safely:

Use a credit card over a debit card

As bizarre as it may sound, you read that right. While shopping online, it is suggested to use a credit card instead of the debit card. Purchases made using the credit card passes through a firewall between the bank account and the vendor and if there is fraud somewhere along the transaction the account holder could easily have it reported. Unlike with the debit card, funds are already being taken away, even before a dispute is sorted out.

Be a wise shopper, conduct a research

A little research could definitely go a long way in your shopping experience. Make sure to familiarize yourself with loads of shopping guide. Don’t be an impulsive buyer, instead be very cautious especially if you stumbled upon a new shopping website. Read reviews and check previous customers. These days, celebrities and influencers are a big help as they properly advertise online shops who collaborate with them on their social media accounts, especially on Instagram. Utilize such guides, it’s free and straightforward, and as a bonus, they even give out honest feedback even if it involves a negative one.

Make sure the website is locked and secured

One of the most obvious things to observe even before keying any relevant information in is the website’s URL. Secured websites start with HTTPS, the “s” actually stands for secure. Thus, unless the website you’re on has SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption installed, never ever continue browsing it.

If it asks for more information, leave it

Usually, online shops would ask for an email address to ensure you get the updates and newsletters. The name is also one. Now, unless you’re ready to check out then it will ask for your card number and billing address. If you feel like the website asks for other information and more than what is expected, abort the mission. Be extra careful, especially with your social security number as it’ll never be asked, nor your middle name or your mother’s maiden name.

Familiarize the company’s shipping terms

Some websites offer cheap and affordable items, but soon as you press the check out button you’ll quickly see a massive jump in the price. So you reviewed again, thinking maybe you incorrectly duplicated the order. But you were wrong, the reason for the big difference in price is the shipping fee. It saves you time if you check the shipping terms first before choosing an item. Honestly, paying a shipping fee double the price of the item is not practical at all.

The advancement of online shops is a challenge for both the seller and the consumer. The former’s goal is to create trust between them and their buyers knowing the fact that the relationship is virtual, while the latter wants to make sure their hard-earned money is safe.

Fortunately, improvements have been done over the years. However, it is also the buyer’s due diligence to be a responsible shopper. The items listed above could be basic, yet will definitely give you a head-start on how to be cautious with the use of internet shops.

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