5 Must Dos in Sydney

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If you are visiting this beautiful city for the first time, you have to visit its landmarks, like the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, or the Royal Botanic Garden. They provide a truly unique experience and you will be able to share the same experience with the millions of tourists who take this same route.


But if you want to stay here a little bit longer, there are some interesting locations and activities you should consider, too. You can check out some of them here.

Go to the Beach

Golden sandy beaches are the landmark of Australia, and Sydney is no exception. It’s one of the rare cities in the world that has many beautiful beaches very close to the city center. You will not make a mistake if you go to the famous Bondi Beach, but you should try out some other beaches, too.


They are equally beautiful as the Bondi Beach, but you will most probably find more space for yourself to relax and enjoy the sun. Some of the other beaches include Tamarama, Coogee, Maroubra and Bronte. Take a 20-minute ferry ride from the Circular Quay to the attractive Manly Beach. This location is charming as is the ferry trip because on the way you will pass by the Sydney Opera House and the Kirribilli House, the residence of Australia’s Prime Minister.

Enjoy the Luna Park

If you are searching for that adrenaline rush, you should visit the renowned Luna Park. The huge smiling face at the entrance is one of the most famous landmarks of the city and there is a lot of thrill and a fun going on behind it. It is recommendable to visit it in the evening when many people rush here, creating a unique thrilling ambience.


You can enter for free to just roam around and enjoy the atmosphere. You can pay for each ride you want to take, or buy an unlimited ride pass to take as many rides as you wish. Rollercoasters are the main attraction, and besides all the thrill and fun, they provide some of the best views in the city.

Find a Perfect Souvenir

There are so many things you can bring home with you in order to save the memory of your trip to this beautiful city. Besides your photos and videos of every adventure you took here, you can pick up a typical Australian souvenir in some of the many souvenir shops. Some of them might include an Akubra hat, kangaroo leather wallet, emu oil, Aboriginal artwork, etc.


If you are a tattoo enthusiast, you can get an original souvenir in the form of a tattoo. Sydney is a real tattoo haven and you can choose among some of the many renowned tattooists. If you are staying around the Newtown area, search for a renowned Newtown tattoo studio in order to get a perfect tattoo.

Visit Chinatown

Chinatown is the home to the noticeable Chinese community and offers you a different side of Sydney. With its distinctive Chinese culture, architecture and cuisine, the Chinatown offers you to experience a charming touch of east Asia in the middle of this beautiful town.


The Chinatown Night Market attracts many people every Friday from 4pm to 11pm. It’s popular among tourists because of its many street vendors. You can buy anything here, from traditional herbs, fruits and vegetables, to clothes and furnishings. Make sure to visit this place on an empty stomach because you will not be able to resist to so many different flavors of traditional Chinese street food, such as pho, chum ya, sushi, takoyaki, etc.

Visit Wendy’s Secret Garden

A sad but beautiful story behind this Sydney’s hidden jewel attracts many people to come and visit it throughout the year. There was a disused land owned by the railway on this location until 1992. Wendy Whiteley lived close to this spot with her husband, a famous Sydney artist, but when he died in 1992, she decided to get busy and convert this piece of abandoned land into a beautiful place.


She cleared the garbage, created winding pathways, planted herbs and trees, and created this beautiful garden in honor of her husband. She also disposed of many pieces of artwork and tiny trinkets to add a fairy-tale-like atmosphere.


It can take a few months to explore everything this beautiful city has in store. You will not make a mistake if you only visit the places from postcards, but to get a truly great experience, try out some of these locations.

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