5 Nutrition Tips for Active Kids

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Being a good parent and taking care of your nestlings’ health is the most important job anybody can do. And in order for them to maintain good health, they should be well fed, physically active and happy mini-people. Of course, the more active they are, the more you need to adjust their nutrition to give them enough fuel for all their daily activities. Here are some tips on how to achieve that.

Starting the day properly

A healthy breakfast is important for everybody, and especially for your little ones. It should give their metabolism its morning push and keep them full for as long as possible, so under no circumstances should they skip breakfast. Choose protein and healthy fats in combination with low-glycemic carbohydrate foods to sustain them all morning.  Oatmeal with some fruits and almonds, a cheese omelet with spinach or mushrooms, or some fish and vegetables combined with whole-wheat bread can provide your children with the nutrients they need to keep them up and running for a while.

Healthy snacks are the best

In order to be as active as they want to be and remain healthy at the same time, your children need a lot of energy. If too much time passes between meals, they may feel hungry, worn-out or even unwell, which is why you should always pack them a snack. Instead of the unhealthy versions, such as sweets, chips or white-flour pastries, opt for some healthier alternatives. For instance, fresh seasonal fruit, a mix of seeds and nuts, or vegetable sticks with some hummus or low-fat Greek yogurt will do the trick. If you’re packing them sandwiches, make sure you get whole-grain bread and lean protein, like turkey or chicken breasts.

Vitamins and minerals to help them grow

All children, particularly the athletes, need iron and calcium for strength and energy. Calcium is necessary for good bone development and can be found in dairy products, such as yogurt, milk or cheese, as well as in leafy greens, like kale or spinach, or dried fruits and nuts. On the other hand, without iron, kids get tired more quickly, which is why they should eat food rich in this valuable nutrient. The best iron-rich foods for them include red meat, eggs and beans, as well as seafood and sweet potatoes. However, by ordering multivitamin gummies or other chewable kids’ vitamins online, you can provide your little ones with vitamins D, E, B12 and other B vitamins which they also need.

Hydration for better performance

Just as your children need to eat, they also need to drink enough liquid. During physical activity, they sweat more than usual and lose water, which in return can slow them down and weaken them. Encourage your kids to drink more water, and avoid sugary and fizzy drinks in favor of freshly squeezed and sugar-free lemonade or lime juice. Explain to them the importance of drinking water and that they don’t have to wait until they get thirsty to start drinking. Once they get thirsty, their body is already dehydrated, which is something that should be avoided.

Having a say means a lot

Involving your children in the process of buying or preparing food can work to your advantage. Take them grocery shopping with you and ask for their opinion when choosing what to get, but be smart enough to avoid the isles with unhealthy sweets and snacks. Furthermore, even if they aren’t a fan of a vegetable or anything else that’s good for them, they will be more likely to eat it if you let them prepare it with you. They might not enjoy carrots or celery, but if they get to chop them or just put them in the pot once you’ve chopped them, they’ll eat them with pleasure and pride.

The more active your youngsters are, the more you’ll have to pay attention to what they eat and drink. Set a good example by eating healthy food yourself, plan all your family’s meal carefully and watch as your little ones grow into smart, cheerful and healthy people.

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