5 Reasons You Should Invest In Android App Development ( Even if you've got an iOS app)

5 Reasons You Should Invest In Android App Development ( Even if you’ve got an iOS app)

May 25, 2018 No Comment

Whenever we think of developing a mobile app, we often go through the dilemma of choosing Android vs iOS. While some choose iOS, others go with Android app development. No matter what you have chosen, I believe that every business needs an Android application even if they already have a successful iOS app.

Wondering why? Here are the five reasons you should look forward to Android application development for business growth and better profits:

5 Reasons You Should Go for Android App Development

  1. Larger Audience: Unlike iOS, Android holds a bigger share of the app market. It runs on multiple devices used in both developing and developed nations. This implies you can target a wider range of audience at the same time by making your brand/products/services available on Android platform.
  2. Low Barriers, More Customization: The most immediate benefit of developing an Android application is the open-source nature of the platform. The Android platform lets you customize as well as exchange source codes, making it possible for Android app developers to add remarkable features into their mobile application without paying much. And interestingly, the Android platform has a low barrier to entry, turning it into a magnet to attract new app developers.
  3. A myriad of Features Available: Android application development enables you to employ multiple device features and components, including accessing contact list, calendar, camera, mail service, music playlist, and much more. This, as a whole, can help your app to craft a better user experience and keep them hooked to your application.
  4. Better Revenue Generation Mediums: Android apps can hit the desired revenue target by different revenue generation sources, like In-app purchase, Paid subscriptions, and In-app advertising.
  5. High SEO Ranking: Apple’s App Store is a closed ecosystem. It might be accessible via web browser, but the iOS downloads make no contribution to page views besides the support link required by Apple.

Google Play Store, on the other side, offers better SEO benefits by letting you count app views as site page views. In a layman’s language, every click or action on the app can be considered as a click on your homepage or the service page linked to the application. This indicates a higher click on the app can bring a significant change in the Google ranking of the corresponding landing page.

As described in the aforementioned points, the Android app development has better perks than iOS app development, which means one should have an Android business app. So, are you looking forward to it?

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