5 Tricks To Make Your House Look More Cohesive

September 6, 2018 No Comment

The truth is, no matter how skilled a person might be at interior decorating, certain concepts are best directed by a professional Los Angeles interior designer. The idea of cohesion, or developing a unified theme that works throughout a home, can be a tricky concept, and one that demands some serious talent and experience.

It takes more than a rug to pull a house together, so here are five tips to make a home seem more than just a collection of separate rooms.

  1. There is so much to do with color to create cohesion. One approach is to consider the emotional appeal of a color scheme, and to listen to the client as he or she expresses what works. A good Los Angeles interior designer understands that there are few things stronger than an emotional unity.
  2. A consistent style, skillfully articulated from room to room, can make for a powerful statement. This is true whether the style is coastal chic, desert design, modern eclectic or some other choice.
  3. The best interior designers in Los Angeles know how to make art unify a home. Certain colors or styles or themes can provide powerful motifs or echoes in stunningly imaginative ways. It doesn’t matter if the art is serious or playful, somber or cheerful, so long as it follows a deep and true sensibility.
  4. A skillful Los Angeles interior designer might use a recurring texture throughout the home to add cohesion. This could be the smooth feel of ceramic tiles or the polished look of metal or the sleek appearance of glass or the coarse feel of stone or wood.
  5. Capturing the inner character of the occupant is the true Holy Grail of interior decorating. This can only be achieved by listening closely to the desires of the client, and letting go of the “normal rules” of decorating.

When you search for a Los Angeles interior designer for your next project, look for one that knows how to create cohesion. Your satisfaction could depend on it.

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