5 Ways Working Externally Can Be A Great Choice to Keep Your Workers Happier and More Efficient

5 Ways Working Externally Can Be A Great Choice to Keep Your Workers Happier and More Efficient

May 30, 2018 No Comment

Remote work is known for its various benefits for both workers and employers. But did you know that allowing your employees to work from wherever they want can even scale your business in multiple ways?

1. You’ll have more productive workers.

Who doesn’t want their employees to get more done and reach their goals sooner while boosting performance! You can have this by allowing your people to work from home, or anywhere they feel like, such as the park, a cafe, a co-working space, or even while traveling to another country.

Turns out, 91% of those working from home are more productive than at work.

By simply allowing the team to be distributed anywhere in the world, you can boost your employee’s productivity and see how they double their results in no time.

2. Everyone loves flexibility.

As human beings, we all seek freedom and flexibility in different ways. One aspect of life most people aren’t happy with is their job because they have to commute every day to get to an office and are then stuck there till the day is over.

But with working externally, they feel more flexible and can do better work because of this. Allow your employees to take their work with them and be at any place they wish to, as long as you monitor them and results are actually being achieved.

3. They are less likely to take sick days.

Another reason to let your people work externally is that it will lead to fewer sick days throughout the year.

As you might know, commuting isn’t good for the health. And the work-from-home lifestyle is much less stressful. That makes workers less likely to be sick or to want to take days off for no reason.

4. Happier workers.

Aside from being more productive, employees working externally are also happier.

A study found that those working from home or anywhere else but the office are more satisfied with their job and feel more appreciated.

Happier employees will also care more about achieving the company’s goals and will treat clients better.

5. Add new talent to your team.

In our digital time, when starting a conversation online is easy as a few clicks, there is the same easiness in finding the most suitable people for doing the tasks you need.

Once you allow your workers to become location independent, you’re given yet another amazing opportunity – to add new talent to your team by hiring other remote employees.

If until now you’ve been limited by your area, you can now reach out to people anywhere in the world and find professionals in any field. 

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